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Here are the characteristics of potential property locations

Location, location, and location. Is the main point that people are most concerned about when looking for a property. Whether it’s for living or as an investment space.

And in fact it is in line with the survey results showing 9 out of 10 people say the location is more important than the price when looking for a home. Do you agree?

In addition, property seekers in Indonesia considers environmental security as an important factor in considering the purchase of new homes and new apartments. It also includes the development price that can be seen through Property Review.

For investors, selecting the right location would have an effect on the gain of the gain alias to be achieved. Typically, the best-in-class property is capable of yielding 20% ​​in one year.

In the opinion of experts in the property, a good location should qualify in relation to supply and demand. Here are three criteria;

  • The location of the property is easily visible from the passing vehicle. The more vehicles passing the location where the property is located, the value of the property is higher because it has easy access.
  • The location of the property is rarely found. For example, the location of the property with lake, beach, sunset, sunrise, hilltop, mountain or landscape features.
  • The location of the property is close to the business center. It is the place where demand is increasing, but not in line with the supply. In economics, it is known as ‘demand is much higher than supply’.