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Good Criteria Property Developer

Problems such as the developer (the developer) carried off the money the customer is still common. Another problem that also happens for example is buying time until the completion of the property does not permit full development of the local government. Later, things like this would certainly be one of the problems that against you.

Special licensing issues, the developer is obliged bagging permit the assignment and use of land before building. If developers do not yet have this letter, then tantamount property built on land that is being done is not yet have the force of law and certainly will have problems later in life,

Here are some guidelines to know what a good developer:

First, you can see the track record of the developer in question through the newspaper, and news on the Internet. All this will prove the quality of the developer concerned.

Remember not to indulge in seduction in the brochure which can have complicated terms and conditions before getting as promised by the brochure.

Secondly, choose a developer who has worked with the bank, because the bank usually has identified all aspects of the developer before accepting it as a partner. Thus, you minimize the possibility of false choose the right developer.

Third, you need to ask the parent coffee certificate of incorporation of the building, which is good because developers typically did not hesitate in showing the certificate of the parent. You can also make an agreement with the developer related to the timeliness and quality of the handover of the building, before you make a booking fee.