overhead bridge cranes

Function and Type Crane

Crane is a crucial tool for lifting goods manufacturing in an industry. In this case usually used is the indoor cranes such as overhead cranes and jib crane with an electric motor as the driving force.

Crane needs to be very vital in the construction field. While this is very rarely the development of large construction crane without using either a simple manual crane using only ropes or modern crane with all its attributes. Moreover, large-scale development, the use of cranes is absolutely necessary start from the foundation to the finishing stage, even to the stage of maintenance.

Crane type

Generally there are two types of cranes are growing, namely fixed cranes (crane with fixed position) and mobile cranes (crane that can move)

A crane is categorized as fixed crane when the crane main structure does not move over their lifetimes. However, this crane has a system assembly before use and after use complete dismantling system.

Some cranes are included in the category of fixed cranes, among others,

1. Tower crane
2. Pedestal cranes
3. Gantry crane
4. Overhead bridge cranes
5. Jib crane
6. Stacker crane

In addition to several types of crane above there are still some cranes to specific labor such as floating crane, luffing crane, and crane hammerdead .

Mobile cranes

Mobile crane is a machine that has a complete structure of a crane and can be moved easily because of the support of the drive wheel. In terms of the driving wheels of this type are distinguished crane wheeled crawler crane (centipedes) and crane wheeled tire.

Crawler crane or crane wheeled often called chain, is a crane with a crawler consists of a set of tracks that are attached to the link to move / switch with edging. Displacement is done by rotating the motor tram tracks on the sprocket.

In general, crawler crane has a lifting capacity than the type of wheeled crane tires. However, due to the slow movement of heavy machinery and crawler crane became one drawback to this type. To move from one place to another takes extra costs and equipment such as trailers and many other crane because the crane must be dismantled.

The surplus, cranes of this type known to be very stable and more resilient and able to lift the load while moving (moving) because it does not use outrigger.
Typically used crawler crane boom-type lattice (lattice). Although the boom of this type is very inconvenient when dismantling and installation, but with the boom crane of this type is suitable for a variety of purposes heavy work (heavy duty crane) as clampshell, dredging, piling, dragline, hammerhead cranes and other heavy work, including on the spot -the place that is too extreme but require high stability as above barge.