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Exterior Uplighting Ideas

Uplighting is a design technique that involves strategically placing lights so that they point upward. Exterior uplighting can transform a mundane exterior space into a magical oasis. It can enhance the curb appeal of your home and showcase specialty features in the landscape.

Enhancing Your Curb Appeal

Uplighting can increase the curb appeal of your home. First and foremost, it makes your house more visible at night. It can be placed so that is draws attention to architectural features, decorative windows or an impressive front door. Uplighting can create mesmerizing shadows on the exterior of your home or lead visitors to your door.

Showcasing Exterior Design Features

Landscape lighting design st louis mo can help you with design ideas that enable you to showcase specific parts of your landscape. You can create a focal point in your yard by uplighting a unique tree or shrub or incorporating lighting among a collection of trees. Water features, garden art and outdoor structures can also be highlighted so that they become an eye-catching part of the landscape design.

Adding Ambiance

Uplighting can help set the mood in your outdoor living and dining space. If your exterior living area includes a planter, uplighting the plants inside the planter or the exterior wall of the planter will make the planter a dramatic feature in the design. You can use lighting in your outdoor living space to create a subtle, serene atmosphere. Uplighting a firepit or outdoor fireplace can elevate the overall beauty of your outdoor living space.

Beauty and Safety

Uplighting can be functional as well as decorative. You can use this type of lighting to define a deck or patio area. Lights that are built into the steps leading to your front door or lights that illuminate the stairway to the deck can be a safety feature as well as a decorative part of your exterior design.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a landscape design. With all of the options available, you can incorporate multiple types of lighting to make your landscape impressive and unique.