Ways And Tips On Choosing The Right Housing

The house is a primary requirement. Therefore, choosing a residential home is an important decision. In searching for and buying a home is not an easy process. In addition to financial concerns, including emotional factors also affected. The process of choosing the housing can be effective if there is a criterion in selecting the appropriate housing. What are the criteria? The following are the criteria in choosing the appropriate housing:

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1. Complete Supporting Facilities

Speaking home not only speak a place for living with family, but also how you can live comfortably in a residential neighborhood. Therefore, support facilities in the housing becomes very important. Support facilities must exist in housing that public facilities such as hospitals, places of worship, schools, markets, and parks. Due to the existence of such facilities can help us in the activity. But now there is also housing the concept of independent town, which offers the wider scope. Such as the universities, offices and malls, and so forth.

2. Transportation Easy

Transportation is included important thing, especially for residents of large cities such as capital city of Jakarta. Property prices are fairly expensive at strategic locations in the city center shows the importance of access to transport. Good transport can provide comfort as well as easily accessible to all residents of the housing. Then good transport characteristics in other housing is having a diverse choice of transport modes, ranging from city buses or busway, transportation (public transportation), to train. With the many alternative modes of transportation, to provide alternative housing for the residents.

3. Developer A Good Reputation

Before you buy a house in a residential, it’s good you have to find out first the reputation of the developer or the developer. Do not just because the price is cheap, then you quickly make a decision to buy a home. A housing development reflected the reputation and commitment from the developer or the developer. Developer or developers who either will produce good housing as well. Therefore, the selection of buying a house from a developer who has a good reputation is very important.

4. There is a mortgage Support From Bank

Approximately 70% of the home buying process in Indonesia still avail credit facilities from banks .. Bank has an important role in helping to purchase a home for the community. The bank will usually provide mortgage facilities only to the developer or developers who already have agreements with banks. So first make sure that you choose whether residential mortgage facilities, so you can buy a home with the help of credit facilities from banks.

That was the way and tips on choosing the right housing that I can share. Hope it can help you in buying your dream home and family in the housing. Thank you, please visit on another day.

Chairs and Style in Living Room

Many choices of seats to fill the family room offered or already known by the public. Which need to be considered in selecting the convenience factor is in use, because the seat design for this space is different from the design of the chair to another room, for example, the angle of the seat needs to be adapted to the anatomy of the body as you relax.


Approximately what kind of seats that can be selected for a family room with a certain style?

Mary Gilliatt in his book entitled “New Guide to Decorating” describes what the style or styles. According to him, the style is something that can not be seen and not keep its shape can be captured through the eye sense of color, scale and proportion. Besides, the connotation of the word “style” version is based on a different background.

Among style based national styles, including English Style, American Country, French Style, Italian Style and Japanese Style. While the style is divided into periods including the Renaissance, Restoration, Louis XIV, XV, XVI in France. William and Mary, Queen Anne, Georgian and Victorian in the UK and others.

There is also a style that is based on the shape of the furnishings and decorations, such as the Baroque, with characteristic intricate wood carvings. The Rococo, with characteristic arches. The Neoclassic, characterized by a simple classical form. And style Nouveau and Bauhaus.

While the style is influenced by changes in time or “phrase” is popularly called Art Deco, International Style, Eclectic, Hi-Tech and Minimalism.

STYLE ROOM CHAIRS for eclectic

Reforming the eclectic style more freely in the election of the chair and other furniture, because the styling is a variation or a blend of various different types of furniture in the form of design and manufacture. This style requires a proper sense of art in a variety of furniture harmonize the forms and materials of different material. Diversity of shapes and colors gives a dynamic impression. Like for example a mix of output chair of the 20th century combined with classic Scandinavian chair or chair of the 18th century. For decorative ornaments can be selected supporting expressionist paintings of the 19th century and Oriental rugs. Can also with cushioned rattan sofa chair woven fabric of one of the areas in Indonesia combined with innovative chair contemporary designer and antique ancient wardrobe.


Chairs Van Der Rohe’s work Mise, Le Corbusier, Bauhaus are chairs that represent the modern style. Shape design modern chairs simpler according to function. Wearing a material substance that is usually of metal and leather. While commonly used colors are black, white and colors Nudity like red, blue and others.

The impression that is displayed by the furniture of the rigid metal material and tend to be cold. By adding elements that can create the impression warm and soft as carpet, plants, paintings and other decorative ornaments, stiff and cold atmosphere can be neutralized.

10 Tips For Healthy and Clean Home

Having a healthy and clean home is certainly desired by everyone. Many ways to make our home healthy and clean. Of avoiding harmful chemicals to clean the grass regularly. Here are 10 Tips for Healthy Homes and Clean

home clean and healt

1. Reduce the electronic items

For peace of mind, get rid of or reduce electronic items. Use storage furniture panels of electronic items such as CDs, DVDs, and other digital equipment. With the emphasis that can soothe your eyes.

2. Start using objects made from microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth or fabric made from synthetic fiber (fiber) has been much used as household appliances from clothing to mop.

3. Avoid hazardous chemicals

Be careful with volatile organic compounds such as home furnishings with hazardous chemicals VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), for example, paint, foam, carpet can also contain VOCs. Look for products that do not contain any VOCs, low smell, and no carcinogens.

4. Eating organic foods

This is a good way to teach children how important the freshness of food and eating foods that are free of pesticides.

5. Secure the power cord connections

If in your house there are many cable connections are permanent, it can be dangerous. The cables should be temporary and closed in order to avoid fire hazards. The best step, should you have a subscription and reliable electrical outlet.

6. Clean your grass from chemicals

If you keep the grass around the yard should not use chemicals. If rrumput-grass requires fertility or fertilizer use corn gluten meal as an alternative option herbicide. For pesticides, better use of Neem Oil or Neem oil can be diluted and sprayed. This includes organic products safe to eat.

7. Always wash and clean your refrigerator

This little thing could actually lead to something big, refrigerator parts that should always be washed that often touched by the hand part or parts of the door. Because the habits of people who are always open the fridge and then take the food in it. From there the germs move.

8. Clean your bathroom routine

It is usually spared done and most people are lazy to do it, if frequent cleaning will reduce condensation and limit the risk of mold growth.

9. Make it a habit to clean with a vacuum cleaner

If you keep the cat, will usually many feathers scattered cat. To clean it in order to really clean using a vacuum cleaner.

10. Get used to clean the room and your home once a week

When we are healthy room, of course it will make us more comfortable break, besides a clean room can also affect our health .. And if the house is clean, then it will be a comfortable home for us to live.

Tips Bid Price Home

Those who want to buy a home make sure you get the appropriate price, not to even get home at a great price, but lack of facilities. There are tricks of its own that you can apply in order to get the price of the home you deserve.

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  • Note the condition of the building that will house you buy. Examine in detail whether it takes a lot of renovation to the building.
  • Find out how long the house is offered for sale. From here you can see the picture of the response of other potential buyers. If the house has been offered for a long time, there is the possibility that the owner had wanted to remove the house immediately and you can take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Find information about the prices offered by the house and compare it to the price of a few houses around, whether the same approach or not. Surely you should compare with the similar type, and by knowing the average price of homes in the area, then you can easily determine the offer price.
  • Discover the reason why the house was sold so that you can determine the amount of the initial offering. Is the house was sold because the owner or just an urgent need to benefit from investment property that he owns.

After getting this information you will get an overview of the standard price and other supporting information for the home you want to buy. Armed with this information, do the bidding price to the owner. Negotiate a reasonable price or close to market price, and to reach agreement you are required to jelly and have the ability to negotiate

Minimalist House Design in Japan

No doubt, today’s minimalist design is a must for those just starting a family who want the look of a simple house. But do you know where did the origin of the application design and minimalist decor that are excellent at this time? Yes, minimalist in style and decor adaptation of existing homes in Japan. As it is known that the houses in Japan are built on an area of land that is sufficiently narrow so that they had difficulty in making a large house. Therefore, one alternative is to build a house lifted up but still has a comfortable area to live.

home japan minimalist 3

Therefore, if you’re looking for inspiration home design minimalist like the one in Japan, following the design of the indoor and the outdoor collection.

home japan minimalist

Right Time to Buy a Home

Sometimes people are confused when buying a house. Various reasons such as wrong time, waiting for the right interest rate, and due to some other factor.

If you have sufficient financially, then there is no reason to postpone buying a house, unless the dream house has not been found. However, if the fund is still an obstacle, should be postponed in advance while prepare finances.

home purchase

As a buyer has definitely want to get a very low price, if possible below the market price. Wait until promos or discounts can also be massive if you want to get a cheap home. Here are three conditions that help the buyer get a relatively cheap price.

Homeowners who need money

Purpose someone selling a home can be due to many things, from wanting to enjoy new atmosphere, close to the parents, to as financial needs. The owner who sells his house for financial reasons can be found, but not infrequently they will cover up because they know that the buyer will try to suppress the price. Find out carefully with a few questions to clarify reason why he sold the house. If you already know the reason then easily you can bargain the price of the house.

Housing Project Promotion

Often see advertisements in newspapers, magazines, or banners installed in the streets. Housing developers usually will hold a massive discount to enliven the newly built housing or occupant is still quiet. Thorough carefully and be sure to survey the location beforehand. If it is in accordance with the house of your dreams, do not hesitate to take a decision.

Unstable Economic Conditions

The economy of each country is almost certainly experiencing a state of lethargy or torn. The inflation rate is high, the industrial sector stalled, and the number of unemployment is an affirmation will be the situation. The impact felt by low-income communities, coupled with the increasingly urgent needs. In such circumstances the right time to buy a home.