7 Advantages of Modern Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian style interior design is now booming. The reason, the design is simple, functional, and pleasing to the eye considered suitable for urban style today. This design style is commonly used in residential areas in northern Europe, such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

But now the Skandinavian design has also been adopted around the world as it is considered suitable for all climates and modern impression. Well, if interested in applying the design of Skandinavian on your dwelling, there are at least seven things you should pay attention to. Consider each explanation from Rumah.com below.

1. Multifunctional furniture

Skandinavian design style has minimalist features in the use of furniture. The furniture used has a shape that tends to be slim, tailored to the function and needs. No wonder if occupancy that apply this design tends to look roomy and clean.

Cause, in Northern European countries natural resources such as wood are very limited. People there try to exploit the potential of nature as possible. They choose to make furniture multifunctional so as not to deplete their natural resources.

2. Maximize natural light

Scandinavian designs generally have large openings allowing you not to use daylight lighting. This is influenced by winter in the prolonged and dark northern European region.

In summer the people there maximize the use of sunlight by making the dwelling loaded with wide openings. The Scandinavian people are very good at this.

3. Natural Color

Skandinavian designs use natural colors that are nature-inspired, such as beige, brown wood, and floral colors. White color is also often used because it is considered the best color to reflect sunlight to illuminate the room naturally.

4. Plants

In the midst of the dominance of natural colors, you can slip plants in the room. The Scandinavian people do this so they can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere indoors.

Because, during the long winter they can barely do any activities outside the home. By placing the plants in the space, the atmosphere of dwelling will also be more lively.

5. The landscape

The Scandinavians love to enjoy the green and refreshing landscape. Therefore, in addition to putting sunlight into the house, large openings also serve to show the scene outside the home.

6. Eco-friendly

Scandinavian society is very concerned about nature conservation. Therefore, in making their dwellings always consider the element of natural friendliness.

The use of minimalist furniture and maximum utilization of natural light is a form of their efforts in preserving nature.

7. Child Friendly

If you notice, Scandinavian design tends to be simple, roomy, and concise. This is done to provide comfort in the mobility in the room, especially for children. No wonder if this style of design is popular, the article of this design consider many aspects and needs.

Making Your House Safe Again after a Natural Disaster

You cannot control what kind of weather impacts your house. When heavy rains or floods have invaded your home, you may feel entirely helpless to control the situation.

However, you can actually take control now by hiring contractors that specialize in water removal, disaster cleanup, and mold repair in Houston. These professionals can come to your home anytime day or night to begin the process of making your home safe and livable again.

The Dangers of Water Damages in a Home

Anytime water floods out onto the floors, seeps into the walls or ceilings, or invades other parts of your house, it brings with it a host of dangers about which you might not be aware. You may think that the situation is under control simply by drying out the water and making sure the surfaces are no longer wet or even damp.

In reality, drying out the water is only one part of the process in cleaning up the house. Even after the water is gone, you might be dealing with dangers like black mold and other fungal growth. These elements can make your house smell bad and impact your health, causing you to develop symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and congestion.

Black mold, if left unaddressed, can cause symptoms that mimic COPD or severe asthma. People who are exposed to it can develop serious lung issues that may require the use of steroids or oxygen to help them breathe.

Rather than expose anyone in your household to that level of danger, you can call the contractors to come to your house immediately to dry out the water and kill the mold lurking in the floors, walls, ceilings, and elsewhere. The contractors have the equipment needed to get the job done fast and ensure that the black mold does not come back.

24/7 Response

Just like you cannot control the weather, you also have no control over when disaster strikes your house. You do not have to wait until daylight to call for help. The company is on call 24/7 even on the holidays and weekends to help you.

You can go online now to find out what services are available to you as a homeowner. You can also use the contact information to get a free quote on cleanup services after a flood, heavy rains, fire, or plumbing emergency today.

Embrace the Beauty of Mediterranean Style

If you’re inspired by the warm, sun-drenched appeal of Mediterranean design, you don’t need a home overlooking the ocean to get that look in your home. Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, you can create an interior palette that reflects rich, vibrant colors, interesting textures, and beautiful materials and finishes.

Mediterranean-style homes commonly seen along the Mediterranean Sea often dot the shoreline in Italy, Spain, Greece and France. They reflect a warm, welcoming lifestyle that captures the beauty of the cultures in those areas. Interior styles range from earthy to glamorous, but architectural elements like red tile roofs, heavily stucco-patterned walls, arched doorways and windows, and outdoor terraces are commonly found in authentic Mediterranean-style homes.

Warm Colors

The Mediterranean-style color palette is heavily influenced by the colors seen in regional landscapes of coastal and inland areas. Earthy, organic hues like burnt orange and sepia, bright yellow, grass green, and subtle shades of cobalt blue and lavender are often used in paints, textiles, area rugs, art, and decorative accessories. These rich, warm colors embrace the feeling of warm, sun-drenched days and cool ocean breezes that contribute to the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline.

Interesting Textures

Mediterranean-style homes found along the Southern European coast are often hundreds of years old. They’re characterized by interesting architectural materials that reflect rich textures and beautiful finishes. It’s common to see thick stucco walls with heavy texture that resemble the artistic appeal found in hand-crafted Venetian plaster. Marble slabs and tiles like the ones found in a marble yard Los Angeles are commonly used for interior floors, outdoor terraces and walkways, interior columns, and kitchen countertops. Marble colors range from soft white and beige tones to vibrant hues of emerald green and cobalt blue.

Rich Fabrics and Finishes

Since regions close to the Mediterranean Sea often experience heavy rain, high winds and cold winters, Mediterranean-style interiors often use heavy, plush fabrics for upholstery, draperies, and area rugs to keep the house warmer during the winter. When Spring arrives, terrace doors and windows are opened up to fill the house with light and warm sea breezes. Heavy rugs are often rolled up and stored during the warm season to expose the natural beauty of marble, limestone and mosaic tile floors in intricate patterns and beautiful finishes. Mediterranean-style interiors embrace a casual lifestyle that welcomes the natural beauty of the landscape and the sea.

Natural Organic Furniture and Mattresses

Organically-crafted home decor, furniture, and organic mattresses are unique in many outstanding ways and are a beautiful and safe way to surround yourself and your family with home furnishings that are also combined with the importance of everyone’s wellness and health.

Organic mattresses give you and your family healthy sleeping experiences using bedding that is made with the best organic and all natural materials. A friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to match you and your loved ones to the right sleeping surface for everyone’s specific needs. Natural mattress producers are determined to bring the best selections to customers who will appreciate their efforts to enhance the health and environmental benefits.

The “green” building industry has mainly focused on making the structure of a home “green” rather than working on the furnishings inside the home. ‘Green’ materials do not have toxic finishes, chemical fire retardants, or other chemicals, toxins, dyes, or polymers. They are made from sustainable or recycled materials and use components designed to minimize the impact on the environment.

Organic furniture is made from selected woods that have not been treated with harmful substances and use no dyes, synthetic glues, or finishing sprays at any stage of production.

‘Green’ furniture and ‘green’ interior design are in their infancy, but it is exciting and challenging for a company exploring that frontier in order to create healthy and environmentally friendly homes. There is even a Sustainable Furniture Council that has been formed to establish protocol and standards for such manufacturers and retailers and to be a means of identification as providers of ‘green’ products.

Some items with incredible designs have been created using renewable resources. Plank & Coil in Portland and Lake Oswego is among the outstanding home decor stores Oregon, so be sure to check them out. For example, they have made it one of their missions to educate you on the best sleep that can be yours with the use of organically-made mattresses. In addition, the concept of a healthy home by using natural furniture was born in that company.

Special Touches to Make Your Home More Luxurious

It doesn’t matter if you live in a large house or a small apartment, you can still give your residence a more luxurious feel with a few special additions. Incorporating these features into your setting might make you the envy of your friends and neighbors while enhancing your quality of life. Here are a few special touches that you can add to your home to make it more luxurious.

Upscale Drapery

Your window coverings can be made to resemble those that are found in luxury hotels and spas with the right drapery. Lace and silk curtains are among the most luxurious window coverings, and you can find a seamstress to custom-design your drapes if you want to make them look even more elegant. If you have some sewing skills, you can try making your own drapes using the materials and patterns of your choice.

Versatile Lighting

The more lighting options that you have in each room, the easier it will be to give your living space a more luxurious ambience. You can adjust your lighting to give each room a warm and special glow by putting in some dimmers. Antique lamps in your living room and bedrooms will make your setting look more sophisticated. If your budget allows, you can even install a grand chandelier.

Matching Patterns

Patterns on your rugs, furniture and throw pillows that match can help make your home look more chic. Plus, you can often save money be purchasing items with matching pattern sets in bulk. Black and white prints are always easy on the eyes. If you need more inspiration for your patterns, consider taking a luxury house tour and make note of the designs that you see.

Art Pieces

Redesigning your interior setting to make it look like a fancy art gallery is easy with the right artwork. Replicas of famous classic paintings can often be purchased without having to spend a lot of money. Sculptures, figurines and pottery pieces also work well in most settings. For a more personal touch, try adding some pictures of your family that are arranged in attractive collages.

Well-Organized Space

How the furniture, décor pieces and other items inside your home are arranged affects your setting’s overall appeal. By arranging everything in a way that creates enough open space, you can make your interior look less cluttered and more inviting. You can even hire a feng shui consultant to help you arrange everything in a way that looks nicer and promotes better energy flow.

Landscape Bordering

If you want to make the outside space of your property look more luxurious, adding some landscape borders will likely do the trick. Concrete borders and curbs can be installed around gardens and walkways to give them more visual appeal. These borders can feature decorative patterns to further enhance their appearances.

Living in a home that has a more luxurious feel is possible if you make some clever changes to improve your setting. Some of these changes should be easy enough for you to handle and will make a huge difference in the way that you and others view your home.

How to Tell If a Remodeling Contractor Is Good

Is your home looking a little shabby these days? If this is the case, you need to seriously think about having it remodeled. It does not have to be a complete remodeling job. You can just have certain areas of your home spruced up. This type of project should be taken very seriously. You need to be sure that you hire the right remodeling contractor to oversee the project from start to finish. This means that it would be a very bad idea for you to simply pick a name at random. You need to know exactly who you are dealing with. Here are the traits that you will need to seek when it finally comes time for you to hire a contractor to supervise your home remodeling project.

1. A minimum of five years as a professional contractor is something that you should demand.

Hiring a contractor who has not been working as a contractor on a full-time basis for at least five years could turn out to be a disaster. There are often unexpected things that happen during a remodeling project. A contractor who has been working in that profession for five years will have experienced just about every situation imaginable. Therefore, he will know what to do if a serious problem presents itself during your home remodeling project. He will be able to figure out a solution to the problem quickly in order to ensure that the project will stay on schedule.

2. Only hire a contractor who has an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

You need to look up the BBB ratings of all the contractors you talk to. This rating will tell you a lot about their professionalism. You can avoid dealing with many incompetent contractors by just spending a few minutes on the BBB website. It would be in your best interests to learn as much as you can about the man who will be responsible for the renovation of your home. You can look up info on many local remodeling contractors that the BBB has rated.

3. The contractor that you do business with must have a stellar safety record.

Any construction job can have a certain level of danger. There are power tools being used. There are people climbing on ladders and lifting heavy materials. Any number of accidents could happen in this type of environment. This is why it is so vitally important for your remodeling contractor to always put safety first on all of his projects. You should do a little research just to make sure that the contractor you hire did not oversee any remodeling projects where serious accidents occurred.

4. The contractor should be able to present you with a valid license and proof of insurance.

Some people hire unlicensed contractors because they get a price break. However, you always get what you pay for. This is especially true when it comes to hiring remodeling contractors. A person without a license will most likely do low quality work. He might even use substandard materials that he will overcharge you for. The use of substandard materials could make your home a ticking time bomb. A licensed contractor will be highly trained. It is also important for your contractor to be insured in case your house is damaged.