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8 Lawn Care Tips For Greener and Fresh

Green grass home page can provide coolness and beauty. Keeping the green grass in the yard is a must for anyone who wants his house to appear beautiful and fresh. There are several ways that you can use to maintain and care for the green grass in the yard of your house. Indeed, taking care of the grass is not easy, you can use a professional lawn care services such as lawn care in Jacksonville FL, or you can perform self-care as I will review in the next article.

Many of the activities you can do on a bed of green grass in the yard. You can add to the beauty with a variety of ornamental plants, you can also spend time playing and relaxing with family. In addition to giving the effect of fresh, green color can provide an atmosphere of tranquility.

Here are tips on caring for the grass to be more green and refreshing.

Water for Grass

Water is one important element for the health of your lawn. There was a period where the grass does not get enough water that usually occur in the dry season, so it requires more intensive watering in the morning and evening. Excess water condition is also not justified, because it will cause decay in the grass.

Lawn Watering Tools

Use of tools such as grass flush hype and sprayer will be better because the water is given gently and evenly.

Fertilization Grass

Fertilization is one of the things that need to be done at least three months. Use a fertilizer with a ratio between Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium 1: 1: 1. The dose used was 100 g / m2. Mix a bit of fine sand on fertilizers in order to spreading more evenly.

Organic Fertilizer for Grass

The use of organic fertilizers need to be done in order to keep the soil loose and is expected to accelerate the process of absorption of food by plants. Humus is smooth and dry is a good organic fertilizer. Spread organic fertilizer over the soil surface evenly with a dose of 1 kg / m2.

Cleaning Grass

Clean up your ornamental rumpus of weeds that interfere with the beauty and growth. Try to pull out the weeds up by the roots, with the help of a knife gardens.

Grass trimming

Perform trimming the grass in the yard of a minimum of once a week. Especially for the rainy season, usually your grass will grow more quickly, so pruning should be more frequent.

High Grass

Maintain high grass up to 2.5 – 3 cm, so that the grass grows well and looks beautiful. Similarly, if too excessive pruning will cause dryness of the base and the grass looks bald.

Injecting Grass

Often trampled grass, the soil will compact and harden. This will affect the growth of grass. Grass requires air for its growth. Because it is necessary for the injection by making a hole as deep as with a fork plants 5-10 cm with a distance of 10-3 cm and then fill with sand or fine humus. These holes will help the plant to absorb water and fresh air into the soil.