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5 Reasons to Buy a Power Socket Energy Meter

Thanks to ever-developing technology, there are a number of ways you can save money on energy costs in the home. From LED light bulbs to energy star-compliant appliances, the use of electricity has never been lower. However, you can still take the aspect of conservation a step further by using an energy meter that plugs directly into your power socket. These devices record all of the electricity being used by any appliance plugged in.


Many meter systems cost less than $30 at your local hardware store. The more elaborate devices can also give you an estimate of money used per hour through the power socket based on what you pay per kilowatt hour. By reducing your usage through specific sockets, you may wind up saving that much money over the course of the year.

Easy to Install

For the most part, a socket meter is essentially plug-and-use. The more advanced units may have settings for your cost per kilowatt hour and timing capabilities. However, the more affordable units simply plug into the socket and begin recording how much energy is being fed through the plug.


Even the cheaper units are accurate to within 0.2 percent. This gives you a very good detailed reading regarding how much power your appliances and devices are consuming on a regular basis.

Helps Plan a Budget

By recording the energy used by certain electronics, you can devise a budget plan and calculate how much time each unit needs to be turned off during the day. This can be incredibly helpful if you have children that glue themselves to the TV or game consoles for several hours at a time.


Using a power monitor puts into perspective just how much energy is being consumed by any one socket. As society relies on consumer electronics for everything from entertainment to business, these devices give you a portrayal of just how much you’re using. You may be shocked to realize just how much your computer is using when it’s on 24 hours a day.

Many devices around the home consume a great deal of energy. Most of these items you don’t put much thought into until you see how much of an impact it makes through the use of a meter. For more information about how you can save money in energy costs, visit sites such as http://www.comparetexasenergyproviders.com/reliant-energy-texas/Texas/. How much can you save by turning off certain creature comforts a few hours per day?