5 Design Wall Rack It Makes More Beautiful

Have you ever intend to keep an object but does not have the right place? Why not try using a rack. Shelf serves to put small objects and important, so no need to bother to look for it.

The presence of the shelves are usually required to store objects such as books, keys, spice, glass, and so forth.

If you are getting bored with the appearance of your wall solid color, shelf can also be used to decorate the walls of amazing.

Floating shelves can be a creative solution to make appearance of the walls of your home become more attractive again. Any inspiration?

1. Floating Bookshelf

Floating Bookshelf

Bookshelves this one makes your book collection like floating on the wall. These floating bookshelves are made of steel which is very strong so it can withstand the heavy load of books. You just need to slip the book on the shelves and piled on top of other books.

2. West Elm Wedge Rack

West Elm Wedge

Rack of West Elm has a simple design with a smooth finish. This rack has a steel hook that makes it sturdy stick to the wall. You can keep a notebook or canvas flowers on it.

3. Franklin Rack

Shelves Franklin

Rectangular shelf made of wood may add uniqueness to your walls. You can save the glass, spice, or a small pot in it.

4. Glass Rack

Shelves Glass

Shelf with glass mat can also increase the effect of your walls look interesting. Place the racks of various sizes in order to make it more impressive.

5. Plastic Rack


Wall white so that you do not look monotonous, you can also store shelves are made of plastic this mica. Such shelves have a variety of colors that can be adjusted to your liking.