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4 Tips for Better Construction Site Safety

No one likes a lawsuit. No one likes delayed projects or hurt employees, either. If you want to avoid these fates, follow these four tips for improved working conditions at your construction site.

1. Buy the Right Equipment

Shoddy equipment is one of the most common reasons for construction injuries. If you’re serious about protecting your workers, make sure you’re only purchasing your tools, machines and supplies from reputable companies.

2. Outfit Your Workers Properly

In addition to enforcing a dress code of things like “study boots” and “no loose clothing,” you’ll also want to insist on proper safety gear being worn in dangerous situations. Gloves, for example, should always be protocol when dealing with hazardous waste.

3. Offer Incentives

It’s been scientifically proven that positive reinforcement works better than punishment, so instead of penalizing your workers for breaking safety rules, offer them rewards for following them. For instance, say that everyone will get an extra day off if they can go a month without a single incident.

4. Follow Safety Guidelines

Get familiar with the OSHA handbook. Read and implement their strategies for working on scaffolds or directing overhead bridge cranes. They’re the experts in workplace safety, so let their knowledge and experience guide you into creating a safer construction zone for everyone.

These are just four tips for increased construction safety. It’s a dangerous job, but with common sense and the right adherence to policy, you can make it a lot safer.