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4 Characteristic house with Negative Energy

Have you ever felt suddenly uncomfortable when visiting somewhere? You feel the heat and you become hot when it is in place. Whereas the conditions you’re fine.

Conditions that you experience as it is usually due to the “negative energy”. Humans are able to feel a certain impression when you first meet someone or visiting a place. If you feel uncomfortable impression, then maybe there are things that are less good at it.

Well, for those who are looking for a home, you need to be sensitive to the condition of homes for sale that you will buy. If you feel there is a negative aura in the house, then you need to think more to buy it. It could be found that it actually saves “negative energy” that is not good for your comfort and the entire household.

How do the characteristics of the house of negative energy? Consider the following explanation!

1. Home Already Lama Empty

The house that had long been abandoned and left vacant for years usually have a negative energy. It was said, empty homes become a favorite place for the spirits that inhabit the place.

In addition, the house is usually also not well maintained and dirty. Although the house is sold at a low price, of course there is the cost of the renovations are great if you are determined to buy it. So, it is better you decide to re-think if one wants to buy.

2. The Old House

Old house built tens or hundreds of years ago does have advantages, which typically has a unique architecture, and valuable antique look interesting history.

Maybe it would be nice if the visit just to see the uniqueness of the house relics of ancient times. However, if you must stay there every day, are you sure will feel comfortable? Not to mention the condition of the building is usually dull and rusty.

3. Activity house Negative

You need to find out and learn the background of homes for sale that you will buy. The house that was once a negative event or formerly abused its inhabitants, such as homicide, suicide, accidents, prostitution, abortion, a mystical ritual, various criminal and immoral actions of other, usually has a negative energy. For that, you better buy a newly built house or buy land to build your own dream home.

4. House On Haunted Locations

In addition, a house built in a location that haunted usually negative energy. So no wonder, many people who claimed to hear the voice of strangers or ghosts in the house. Location armature is like a house near the cemetery, a house on the former cemetery land or a house in a very quiet location.