3 The best location to create a workspace at home

Work in this modern era allows anyone finish its work in mobile. You can work while work in a cafe or casual work at home. When the cafe, you only need to find the location convenient and pleasant to work.

But what if in the house? Obviously you need a workspace that can provide comfort, keep you focused, calm and concentrate. It is certainly easier when the house is quite roomy and has a number of rooms.

However, for you whose house narrowly not discouraged yet. Minimalist house was still able to create a space like a dream job in the office. The trick is to find the right location to put tables, chairs, and other important documents.

There are a couple of the best locations to be used as a workspace. After determining the location, do not forget to decorate the workspace to be more comfortable and make feel at home.

Here are three locations work space recommended for you at home.

1. The corner house

The corners of the house usually functioned as a storage area. Corner “dead” is often a headache when rearranging the home decor as likely to leave empty space and less functional.

Well, when you are faced with this situation, there is no harm in changing the angle of the house so a comfortable working space. You can put an L-shaped work desk or to follow the corner of the house. Make a work desk as comfortable and attractive as possible. For example, by putting documents and other accessories on the table.

2. Close the window

Many advantages lay in the work space near the windows of the house. Among them you will get natural lighting directly and easily get fresh scenery. When the mind is crowded, you can take a break and see the scenery out the window.

The idea of this one is generally encountered in many cartoons or Japanese drama. Where classrooms often placed close to the window. You can try the same thing to create a comfortable working space at home.

3. The empty space

Your house is narrow and difficult to find the right location to be used as a work space. Corner of the room has been used up, the bedroom is already not possible, the window is also no space anymore.

When this happens in your dwelling, check around the house once again. Is there still an empty space even if only a little, and can be used to lay the table also chairs? Just take advantage of the empty space and make adjustments.

For example if the empty space just a little, change a large table with a floating table made of shelves. This method can minimize and maximize the use of the narrow room.