Create a minimalist dining table in a cramped room

Despite having a small-sized house that does not mean you have to reduce the important areas in the house. Say it like dining area. With the function as a gathering place for family dining and eating together, the dining table can be regarded as mandatory set of furniture in the house.

However, how to bring the dinner table if the rest area you have just in the hallway or corner of the room? It turned out that the selection of furniture that is thin and pliable, you can still have a comfortable dining area and stylish.

Comfortable in the corner of the room

Around the corner of the room is often unnoticed. Rather than simply left blank or filled lamp stand, maximize function as a dining area. Because of their limited size, then create a dining area still seems simple but neat.

You can combine two wooden folding chairs and a round table legs slim. In addition to saving the cost, you are also more efficient use of space, right ?!

Breakfast on the Balcony

Area balcony or terrace house can also be transformed into a private dining area. Condition, balcony railings must be equipped walls high enough. Thus your privacy and family when eating a meal so not disturbed.

Make a balcony into a comfortable open space by providing layers of vinyl carpet on the floor. In the meantime, you can make the dining room is brighter at night by adding lights dangling decorations.

Combine with relaxing area

You also can combine to make the dining room at the same time gathering area while reading a book. Bring the feel of a casual dining table by selecting a chair relaxing and comfortable place to linger.

Ensure sufficient lighting even in daylight by putting set this table near the window.

Thin Folding Furniture

To house the extra minimalist in terms of building area, folding furniture is a must-have furnishings mainstay. So save space, you may be forced to make the dining table ‘impromptu’ in the hallway of the house.

To outsmart, prepare a portable table that can be folded into the wall when not in use. Prepare two to three folding chairs that can be arranged when the meal arrives.

5 Things to consider before investing home

Although quite safe, investing in property is not without risk. There are a few things to note that your investment is secure and optimal profit.


Value or price of a plot of land and the speed of price increase is not the same in different places. Land in the city is not the same as in the village. Land in the city center, though in a “gang bumper”, is not the same as the land in the suburbs.

Land in an industrial area are also not the same as the area of ​​housing, and so forth. land prices rose fastest course is in the central business districts as much demand so it is relatively easy to be traded or illiquid. Because it is more expensive.


Do not buy the land still unclear status or pledged to another party (eg a bank). Or the land is still in dispute in a court case because of some cases and others. Instead, the land was not purchased at risk because the risk of conflict in the future is huge.

Land documents

Make sure that the land purchased complete documents. Such as land certificate, Permit building, if there is a copy of the building have the blueprints of the building (blue print). Examine the data on land documents with the physical reality (land area, location, period of validity, etc.).

Assumptions return on investment

Good property investment is yag can provide income to you, either in the form of fixed income (from rents) and the potential price increase (the difference between buying and selling price). Calculate the number of return assumption of investment returns you can get from rising land prices in the area.


Return on investment will be reduced because of the costs, for example the cost of purchasing land, the annual United Nations, renovation or maintenance, electricity, telephone, cleaning, and more. Keep you could squeeze costs as low as possible as mentioned above.

Want to sleep better? Change your room!

Sleeping at night is one of the activities that are important for the body. Healthy adults need at least ideal time to sleep between 7-8 hours for the muscles and the mind can get back in shape.

Not only that, certain hormones such as growth hormone also can only work when we sleep soundly at night. That is why we need to make sure we had enough sleep every night.

And so that you sleep more soundly and quality, make some changes in your bedroom as summarized below.

1. Keep a luminous object

The existence of any as little light in the room can affect melatonin levels in the body. Melatonin is a hormone made by a small gland in the brain that helps control sleep cycles and wakes you up.

If you have a desk clock alarm which emits light, pose these hours in the opposite direction to the sleeping position.

2. Turn on the fan

Some studies suggest the sleep quality can be improved by turning a certain consistent noise. These sounds can be created at home by turning on the fan, even now there are specialized applications that provide these sounds like the sound of raindrops or wind.

3. Provide lavender fragrance

This floral fragrance has been long known to provide tranquility and lower heart rate and blood pressure. With fragrant lavender oil is sold in the market, you can to diffuse in the room or sip it shortly before bed.

4. Set up a personal quilt

Using a blanket with another person can not actually make you sleep more soundly because when the person moves, the blanket will follow him so that it can keep you awake.

Besides using a blanket together can also make you feel more grip, better use of their own blankets.

5. Wrap bed

Based on studies conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, the beds were tidied every day can make bedtime become more qualified. So, do not forget to tidy up the bed in the morning.

6. Use a comfortable pillow

Choose a comfortable pillow to support your neck and head. A pillow had to be used within a certain time. In time 1-2 years you have to replace the pillow, especially if there is a stain on the pillow or a permanent yellow color.

Note also the material used as a pillowcase if enough soft.

7. Sleep in cool temperatures

The cold air can make your body want to rest so much faster. Some specialists advise to sleep at a temperature of 25-29 degrees celsius. Pretty cool so you need a blanket to sleep.