How so you can have a house within a year

Year had changed again. Do you plan to own a home in the past year has been realized? Buying a home is one of the biggest steps in life, hence the importance of planning detail in it so as not to regret later on.

And if your dream to have a home yet to materialize in the past year, the beginning of the year as it is now is the time for a new plan. And to help realize your dreams, then consider the strategy to buy a house within a year.

Early Years – Start Saving for a Down Payment (DP) House

Admittedly, save money with discipline is hard to do. Expenses such as car repairs, health, or buy a new gadget has always been a thing that makes you so hard to save.

However, if you have a target next year to have a home then it is time you save with discipline. As you already know how much should be collected for a fee DP homes, ranging set aside income each month.

Third Month – Check Credit Status

When about to ask the Home Ownership Loan, the Bank will check how the quality of credit you currently have. Fix when there are debts for which payment is not smooth. Remember, a healthy credit card bills maximum of no more than 70% by number of the card limit.

Sixth Month – Start checking residential neighborhood

It’s time to start visiting homes that had already been the target you. And because the house will be a lifetime investment so make sure that you do not miscast.

Check whether residential location close to public facilities such as schools and hospitals. Calculate also the distance of ‘candidates’ work location in your home.

If possible, you can also figure out your target home surroundings. Eg neighbors who live in the housing, is mainly inhabited by a young family or not, and so forth.

Ninth month – Do Research Banks / Financial Institutions

If you’ve chosen housing which would be the target, it’s time to do some research for filing Housing Credit. Especially if you will take a mortgage with such a long period of 15-20 years.

Some people choose to take a slightly higher mortgage but have a fixed rate, and some people choose a floating rate. Also check what documents are needed to apply for it.

The tenth month and next – Start Contacting Developer

You have defined housing which would be an option and has also done research on the bank will provide housing loans. Next you must contact the developer to get information about the home you seek for this.

Also check that your savings are sufficient to pay DP. Buying a home with good planning will certainly make this process go well too.

Need Help at Home? How to Find the Right Workers

Most people can’t do everything that needs to be done in their home. That’s why you need to find workers that can handle some of the more complex tasks in your home without charging you and arm and a leg.

If you’re like many people though, you don’t know exactly where to source these skilled workers from. While finding the right people isn’t always easy, there are some ways you can find skilled help in your house.

Use this guide to learn more about hiring efficient, skilled workers to help you around the house when you need them.

Talk to Neighbors

If you need help around your home and don’t know where to turn, chances are you might look in the phone book. While that can be a good resource, asking your neighbors for names and phone numbers may be even better.

When you ask a neighbor for a referral to a skilled worker, they’ll only pass along names of people that did good work for them. In a way, asking neighbors for referrals is a bit like vetting the people who are coming to do work in your home before you even conduct an interview or have a phone conversation.

Do Some Internet Digging

The internet is an incredibly helpful resource in this day and age, and anybody running a small business is likely to advertise there. Doing some internet sleuthing and reading customer reviews of the work done can be incredibly helpful for you as a homeowner though.

When reading reviews, make sure you don’t hire somebody solely based on the good word of others. You still need to pick up the phone and talk to them to make sure they can do your job.

After all, every single job that takes place in a home is a little bit different.

Consider a Handyman

Homeowners looking for electrical contractors Jacksonville FL residents trust need a specialized worker in their house. If you just need somebody to handle basic repairs or do touch-up work, you might be able to save money by hiring a handyman instead.

The internet is a great resource for finding a handyman, but asking around in your neighborhood can also work. You’ll also have somebody on speed dial if you have an emergency in your home once you find a good handyman.

Three Unique Ways to Decorate Outside With Wood Poles

Many companies make wood poles that are exactly the same as the one the electric companies use on the poles right outside your house. Unlike those taller poles that you see on the street, you can purchase designs in different shapes and sizes. You can even pick up treated wood poles that will last longer when exposed to the environment outside. The treated sealant added to the surface of the wood will prevent insect infestations too. If you have a source for these poles, you’ll find a range of fun projects and unique decorating ideas that use these poles.

Create a Play House

For a project that your kids will love that also looks great, make a play house from those wood poles. You can cut the poles to the length that you need to create the basic frame of the house, and you can even use cut boards or planks to make a floor or foundation for the house. Use nails or screws to secure each of the poles to the one beneath. Get creative and add elements that your kids like, including a roof or even a front porch.

Build a Fence

Cutting these wood poles helps you create posts that are just the right size for making a fence. In the same way that you would install a traditional wood fence, you need to dig holes in the ground for each pole. Tamp down the inside of the hole to make it as flat as possible before pouring in concrete and adding the pole. The concrete will keep that pole in place during even the strongest of windstorms. As long as you have enough poles, you can make a fence that completely surrounds your lawn.

Make a Garden

One of the main problems with building a garden is that you have a hard time telling all your plants apart, especially as those plants grow and eventually flower. With wood poles, you can make distinct areas for growing specific types of plants. You can put just four poles on the ground to make a square or rectangle large enough for herbs, plants, bushes and even flowers. With extra poles and dirt, you can even make raised flower beds. Those same wood poles that telephone and electric companies use have a number of fun and unique decorating purposes around your yard.

Tricks for a brighter home without remodeling

Jealous to see the modern houses in Bali or other exotic area that gets a lot of sunlight during the day.

The house is bright not only convenient, but also makes the room inside was moist. Actually make homes sunlight is not difficult. No need of renovation, only small changes you make.

Change paint into matte

Do not select the glossy wall paint. These paints usually reflect light causing glare and the room gets hot. Wall becomes uncomfortable viewing. Choose matte paint or matte wall that reflects light becomes softer.

Clean windows

It could be the cause of the lack of sunlight coming into your home is the window that you never clean.

The crust and stains on the windows will block the light so it does not fully illuminate the rooms of your home. Clean windows let the sunlight every week to more freely enter your home.

Choose a thin curtain

Avoid dark colored curtains like maroon, very dark green, and brown. Choose pastel colors are so young that allow sunlight to ‘sneak’ entry into your home.

Also, choose a curtain that the material is thinner so it does not cause the house to be memorable gloomy and dark.

Prune trees and plants

Even in the most high your page plant shoots only in the form of red is already as high as 1 meter, it could not hurt to cut the plant.

Unwittingly, the cause of the lack of sunlight into the house is you never prune trees that are near a window or terrace of your house.

Add mirrors

Hang a mirror on the wall opposite the window. The mirror will reflect the light and pass it to the other corner.

Needless whole room and then you add a mirror, just hanging in one room you want a lighter.

Select the painting bright

Although your favorite painting is a painting that is a bit gloomy and dark color displays, should avoid displaying this type of painting.

Painting a dark color absorbs sunlight and reduces light reflection around the room. Choose wall hangings more neutral, such as hand painting children’s work usually use bright colors.

Finding Great General Contractors For A Home Renovation Project

Most people think that they have to start looking for a really good general contractor by simply asking around and looking online. This is not at all the first step you need to perform. According to Ottawa General Contractors, the first thing you need to do is to put down on paper everything that you want with your finished product. This includes various details of interest like material types, colors that will be used, basic floor plans and all you could add.

General contractors have access to various different resources. They are capable of handling basically everything for you from obtaining the necessary permits to hiring a team of workers that will do a great job. Call around and find great professionals but do be sure that they all have the necessary insurance and licenses. Requirements are always different from one state to the next. Some extra research can easily save you a lot of money and stress. Do be sure you specifically ask about those services that you need whenever you talk with a general contractor. Getting all that you need is almost always a necessity.

Initial Conversations

After you make a shortlist of the considered general contractors, those that are going to be able to do all the work for you, it is time to ask questions. You should basically ask anything that you want to learn more about or what you need in order to assess the quality that is offered. Examples include:

  • What is the frequency of completing projects that are similar to yours?
  • How long the relationship with the subcontractors has been going on from?
  • What is the duration of the project?
  • How long was the company in business for?
  • Is the contractor going to supply materials or can the homeowner do this?

You should never pay the money for the entire project up front. Small down payments are the norm and later installments should be negotiated based on strictly defined project milestones. When delays appear, you want to be sure that you can delay payments. When you do not pay in a timely manner, the general contractor should be allowed to stop working.

The Contract You Sign

The best contractors will always offer the very best contracts. Everything that is included in that written agreement will dictate the evolution of the home renovation projects. It is really important to go through the contract. Most of the contractors will take care of that for you but you want to read everything included. In some cases the dishonest ones will simply not add some clauses that you specifically asked. Signing a contract without reading it is a huge mistake.


Be sure you always consider just the general contractors that have a suitable market reputation. Those that do not have to be avoided. When you see many complaints written about the contractor, look for someone else. Consider the advice above and basically be sure that you can trust the contractor you hire. This is by far the most important thing at the end of the day.