Seven Mistakes You May Make Cleaning

For those of you who do not have a household assistant, usually time off at weekends is often used as a schedule to clean the house thoroughly. From sweeping, mopping, scrubbing the bathroom floor, tidying the garden, to clean up the dust on the ceiling.

In short time owned, resulting in a hurry you often while cleaning the house. No wonder that there are many errors that may frequently do. Any examples?

Cleaning the windows during the day

Glass cleaner will dry more quickly if exposed to direct sunlight, causing streaks on the glass window. That is why, the right time to wipe the glass windows in your home is on the afternoon and evening, or when the sky is overcast (temperatures below 70F). To get better results, use a rubber squeegee or glass cleaner that cover more surface area in one pull.

Spraying cleaning fluid into furniture

This method is actually legitimate done, if the furniture in your home is very dirty and dusty and thus require a quick solution. However, this should not be a good thing regular habit, because it can actually accumulate cleaning fluid residue. The correct way, spray the cleaner to a microfiber cloth, then wipe wood furniture and furniture slowly.

Remove stains on the carpet

Currently, soft drinks or coffee spilled onto the carpet, often you immediately scrubbed clean manner. Apparently, this is wrong! Because of the way it can actually damage the fur carpet and even left a stain that is difficult to remove. The right step is take a spoon and then lift the water spills into a dirty glass. Further search duster made from a towel, and put it on the carpet that spilled water stains, press gently to absorb the stain with a cloth optimal. Finally, use special cleaning products and clean the carpet with a cloth gently.

Storing wet toilet brush

Humidity will give birth to bacteria. Therefore, change your habits that always keep the toilet brush in wet conditions. After use, make sure your toilet brush has completely dried before being returned to his place.

Use dirty sponges

Because food debris and bacteria often hide in cracks dishwashing sponge, then rinse with water alone is not enough. Period of time once or twice a week, place a wet sponge in the microwave for two minutes to dry. Never soak the sponge with the rest of the dishwashing detergent that has been used, because the germs will get soaked if it continues to proliferate.

Using glass cleaner to TV and computer screens

Some may think that a glass cleaner can also be used for a TV or computer screen. And this is, is a big mistake! Alcohol and ammonia contained in glass cleaner can actually damage the LCD screen, especially if you have a plasma TV. It would be nice if you only use a soft and damp cloth.

Forgot cleaning vacuum cleaner

A short time can make you forget the hygiene filter in the vacuum cleaner. Instead of seeking to eradicate the dust and dirt in the carpet the house, in fact, a vacuum cleaner are clogged because rarely cleaned instead of spewing dust left over, and make dirty the whole room. For that do care and cleanliness of the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, in order to remain durable and able to work optimally.

Tips Home Clear from Allergies

Without you knowing it, the germs that cause diseases, including allergy, always be around you. However you can still minimize their presence so as not to cause allergies or illness. One of them is by taking care of the presence of home.

Dust nesting and dirty air is a major cause of allergies. For that, there’s nothing wrong if you and the rest of the household cope with dirt perched at home to avoid the occurrence of allergies. If you are confused about how to create an allergy-free home.

Recognize Allergens at Home

Investigate deeper into the causes of allergies, so you can know which areas you need to clean up first. If you have a lot of cobwebs on the roof or home furnishings, then immediately clean it. The wall that had started dull and certain floors are rarely in a broom and began to sink a lot of dirt it is possible that the venue be a trigger of allergies.

Clean Places nest Allergies

Tip two that are allergy-free home abstain from trigger allergies. Take the time to clean the house without delay too long. Perform activities sweep and mop every day, as well as for parts that are difficult to clean do the clean-up activities at least one or two weeks.

Treat Every Day

Once you actually have to clean the house from allergies, then do not be lazy to clean the house every day. If you are a busy person so minimal enough to sweep the floor. Then to mop the floor and also for wiping a window, do at least two days.

3 The best location to create a workspace at home

Work in this modern era allows anyone finish its work in mobile. You can work while work in a cafe or casual work at home. When the cafe, you only need to find the location convenient and pleasant to work.

But what if in the house? Obviously you need a workspace that can provide comfort, keep you focused, calm and concentrate. It is certainly easier when the house is quite roomy and has a number of rooms.

However, for you whose house narrowly not discouraged yet. Minimalist house was still able to create a space like a dream job in the office. The trick is to find the right location to put tables, chairs, and other important documents.

There are a couple of the best locations to be used as a workspace. After determining the location, do not forget to decorate the workspace to be more comfortable and make feel at home.

Here are three locations work space recommended for you at home.

1. The corner house

The corners of the house usually functioned as a storage area. Corner “dead” is often a headache when rearranging the home decor as likely to leave empty space and less functional.

Well, when you are faced with this situation, there is no harm in changing the angle of the house so a comfortable working space. You can put an L-shaped work desk or to follow the corner of the house. Make a work desk as comfortable and attractive as possible. For example, by putting documents and other accessories on the table.

2. Close the window

Many advantages lay in the work space near the windows of the house. Among them you will get natural lighting directly and easily get fresh scenery. When the mind is crowded, you can take a break and see the scenery out the window.

The idea of this one is generally encountered in many cartoons or Japanese drama. Where classrooms often placed close to the window. You can try the same thing to create a comfortable working space at home.

3. The empty space

Your house is narrow and difficult to find the right location to be used as a work space. Corner of the room has been used up, the bedroom is already not possible, the window is also no space anymore.

When this happens in your dwelling, check around the house once again. Is there still an empty space even if only a little, and can be used to lay the table also chairs? Just take advantage of the empty space and make adjustments.

For example if the empty space just a little, change a large table with a floating table made of shelves. This method can minimize and maximize the use of the narrow room.

6 Type Glass for Home Need to Know

Glass is one material that must always be a home, especially as a window. But now, the widespread use of glass. Glass is also commonly used as a material for doors, furniture, stair railings, shower box, canopy, table top, and even a wall panel. But, how to choose the right kind of glass? See explanation below each type of glass.

1. Clear glass

Clear glass is often referred to as plain glass, because it is colorless, flat, and free of distortion. Therefore, this glass can produce the perfect shade to over 90%. The glass is not recommended for exterior-rise buildings because of the low ability to withstand heat and sunlight. Consists of clear glass thickness 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. The thickness is selected according to the size that will be created. The larger the size, then you should use a thick glass.

2. Tinted glass

This glass is often referred to rayban glass. To give color, plain glass sheets coated with colors made from metal alloys. Rayban glass can withstand the heat and sunlight to 55%, thereby reducing air conditioning load and maintain the privacy of the occupants. To increase the level of darkness, the glass can be coated rayban up several times. Rayban glass not only black, but also in dark blue, turquoise, dark gray, copper, and dark green.

3. Glass ice

Frosted glass is a type of glass with one side textured. This texture is generated when the dough starts printing with roll glass that has a specific pattern. The glass has a decorative effect and blur the shadow. Moreover, thanks to the frosted glass texture also can reduce sunlight received so the room does not glare.

Later, people prefer stickers frosted glass, instead of buying the original frosted glass. Stickers frosted glass or window film is less expensive, but has the same benefits as good. Frosted glass is more widely used for interiors, such as partitions, glass for showers doors, cabinet doors, and shower box.

4. Glass mirrors / one way

Glass mirrors or reflective glass is glass that reduces the transparent nature of one side. The glass is also commonly called a one-way glass, as will be seen transparent on one side, but it looks like a mirror on the other side. Glass mirrors were made in addition to the metal oxide layer, through a process of pyrolysis. This glass is very suitable for those who want privacy maintained.

5. Tempered glass

Tempered glass has a very high strength, reaching 3-5 times higher than ordinary glass. Tempered glass is able to withstand wind loads, weight, and pressure is higher. Glass is made by heating and then quenched. Visually, nothing different from this glass, so that the zoom is maintained. Tempered glass is also very safe when broken, because the pieces round and blunt.

If you want a door without frames, railings and walls of glass, you should use this tempered glass. However, you must buy tempered glass with specified size. Because this type of glass can not be given a further process that will reduce the quality.

6. Laminate Glass

Laminated glass is a type of glass that is very safe, because given a coating which makes it difficult to crack and break. Laminated glass is very difficult to penetrate, so the glass is used widely used for public transportation, such as buses and trains. Laminated glass sheets coated with transparent polovinil that hold the glass from breaking. Even though there are broken parts, the glass is still attached to the frame and difficult to penetrate.

Laminated glass is widely used for balconies, skylights, staircases, and other places that require security. Although impressed safe, you still need to be careful. If at any time there is a fire in the house, it could be residents would be trapped due to the glass intractable.

Glass materials are increasingly popular, along with increasing public taste in minimalist buildings. Decide first what your needs, then choose where the glass is fitted.

4 colors to make a room cozy

Besides soothing, bedroom also should be comfortable in order to sleep more soundly and quality. Soothing ambience can be obtained through the use of color sort of gray, blue, green and lavender.

However, if you are looking for a cozy atmosphere in the room, you can use warmer colors eg brown, red, orange, and yellow.

Here are four specific color that could lead to the cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

1. Brown redness

A reddish brown color comfort givers. The color is dark and in providing its own warmth in the bedroom.

Rona dark reddish-brown color gives the best accent to the room. You can paint one wall or ceiling with color and paint the other with the color palette of soft, light, and neutral.

So as not to feel alive in a cave, you should let in more light into a room and make it collaborated with sorrel.

A reddish brown color comfort givers. The color is dark and in providing its own warmth in the bedroom.

2. Yellow light

Dark colors do tend to make the room smaller and more comfortable, but you can also earn a cozy atmosphere through the use of lighter colors.

Jonquil warm will not make your room cramped.

Instead, these colors can make a room more open and warmth able to give you a comfortable atmosphere.

Jonquil warm will not make your room cramped. Instead, these colors can make a room more open and warmth able to give you a comfortable atmosphere.

3. Purple dark

The atmosphere is dark like a deep burgundy or purple, burgundy and reddish brown is needed in the room like a bedroom that promotes comfort.

Aura arising from the dark colors it is able to make a bedroom into a room more intimate and comfortable.

Even so, dark colors are able to make your bedroom becomes narrower than it looks.

The use of deep purple color on the walls of the room will make your room a little claustrophobic.

The taste is narrower too would you feel if the ceiling is painted using dark colors like purple this.

4. Gold light

If you are looking for a bright neutral colors to give the impression of comfort, should avoid the use of white or pure gold.

The soft colors of gold or the young gold could be an option as it gives warmth, though not as extreme as dark colors.

Young gold color will provide maximum comfort if collaborated with wooden furniture.

Colour brightness is suitable to be in the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. It will make your bedroom a more open and wider than usual.