Want to Have Home Cool? Follow Tips Here

Living in tropical areas, of course we have to get used to the heat in our homes. However, this condition can we minimize the following steps:

Park in a narrow area

How narrow any remaining land, use as a green area. In addition to optically can refresh the eyes, green area can be used as a deterrent hot air into the house. Instead, place the garden in the west or east in order to reduce direct sunlight and make the incoming air cooler. You can also create a garden near the garage or kitchen. The park is located near the garage or kitchen will absorb carbon elements arising from hot air by the activity in the area.

Ceiling height

Wake up your house with a ceiling height of a floor of 2.75 m to about 4 m. By paying attention to the ceiling and floor spacing, pressure hot air that comes into the house can be minimized.

Planted on the roof of the house

Whenever possible, plant a crop in the field of flat roofs to reduce solar heat.

Cover home with sunscreen

If your house is facing west or east, use solar filters (sunscreen). The shape can vary, it can be quite lush trees, or material that has been processed into a curtain or cover.

Enough openings

Air exchange in the house should be smooth. Therefore, during the build process, pay attention to home openings, such as windows, doors, and vents. Note also the direction toward home. Best if not directly facing the sun. To that end, the windows are made with wide openings do not face towards the west or east, but faced to the north or south.

Tips brings new nuances in the living room

Does your living room look boring? If you feel bored, then you can make changes to give a little new color in your living room. Actually there are many things you can do.

The first step you can do is to decorate a living room with art objects. A large painting on a blank wall will give a fresh atmosphere in your living room. In addition, a large painting that is able to attract attention and become the focal point of the view of guests.

Currently, to get a piece of art was not too difficult. There are many online sites that now offer a variety of art like painting.

Secondly, you can change the fabric of your sofa or seating. This is the easiest and fastest to get a fresh new look in your living room. But the cost is not cheap, sometimes money spent to replace the sofa fabric is similar to buying a new sofa.

Then, you can also put a fresh flower arrangements in your living room. This will give the impression of a fresh and beautiful in your room.

You can also decorate your living room floor with rugs. Floor color as important as the color of the walls and very influential in whole room nuances. Giving rug on the floor, would give a new look in your living room.

In addition, more convenient way is to install the wallpaper on your living room. Wallpaper is now available in various shapes and design patterns. See wallpaper will make your living room look fresh and are becoming increasingly attractive.

5 easy steps to conjure the atmosphere of the house quickly

Home is a place to rest from all the busyness and activity tiring. Therefore the house should provide comfort for the owner. Design houses that have not changed for years and can make the atmosphere dull mood becomes too late.

Intention to change the interior of the house is also often blocked, because there is the idea that perform repairs to the interior of the house takes a long, expensive and exhausting.

But now change the interior of the house can be done with 5 easy steps.

1. Family Room

The family room is the center of activity in the house. Most of the time was spent in the family room. Changing Shades friendly space can be done by changing the order of chairs and tables or change the flowers in the vase every once a week.

2. Trim Fill the Fridge

The refrigerator is the smallest part kitchen frequented homeowners. Due to frequent visit will certainly lead to boredom if order food, fruit and drinks in it is always the same. It’s good every monthly shopping you rearrange the contents of the fridge to make it more comfortable and refreshed when opened.

3. Clean Lamp

Cleaning the lights will greatly affect the mood of the room. Pay careful attention to clean cover decorative lamps and bedside lamps so that these lamps emit the perfect light.

4. Move Books

The books you have at home may have already read, and yet. You need to classify your books that do not take up much space in the house. The bookcase can also be an option to make the house look more presentable

5. Replace Color Paint Room Favorites

By changing the paint color of your favorite room walls, will make you comfortable to linger in the room. No need to do it every week because it would cost a lot, just have one year will make the scene at the home refreshed.

How to Take Care Carpet To Stay Clean, Beautiful and Comfortable To Wear

The carpet is one thing that is easily affected by dust and even save the dust. Carpets were not maintained will look dull and unattractive look of the eye. In addition to dull, the carpets were rarely treated will be vulnerable once contained dust and germs that may be harmful to health and also will be broken.

Treat the carpet is not easy, so you often underestimate carpet treatment itself, but you can use carpet cleaning services like rug cleaning in Memphis TN if you are too busy to do carpet treatment. But if you include people who have a lot of time and want to treat the carpet yourself, you need not worry, the following tips on how to care for carpets in your home to keep it beautiful, clean and comfortable.

Don’t let the direct sunlight on your carpet, because it can make the colors faded carpet. If not possible, you can use curtains to block the sunlight. This can reduce the intensity of sunlight when it is hot.

Reposition the carpet regularly, at least two months. You can rotate or shift the position of the carpet or furniture is furniture on the rug.

If you want to buy a new carpet sellers ask for help to clean the carpet. For example, by using a vacuum cleaner. It is important to do because usually new carpets often have unpleasant smell.

To keep the carpet in order to keep it clean of dust, make sure in three months once you clean up with a vacuum cleaner. In addition to making look dull, dust in the carpet can also impair the health of people in the vicinity.

You can also use a liquid cleaner to clean the carpet. Make sure you do not buy any cleanser because it could potentially damage the color of the carpet.

How to use this cleaning fluid is sprayed toward the carpet. Make sure you can spray all parts of the carpet in one direction. After the cleaning liquid is distributed evenly over the carpet, you can use a sponge to brush it. Do not use a brush for washing clothes can damage the fibers of your carpet. The last step is drying it and then reuse your vacuum cleaner for a more perfect results

Glass Cleaning Tips

You often clean the glass in the house with cleaning fluid is sprayed? If yes, you should think again whether these measures will actually make you look clean glass without any side effects. Here are tips on cleaning the glass in your home.

Do not spray liquid cleaner directly on the glass as the liquid can seep into cracks or crevices and cause black stains on the glass surface.

Provide newsprint or tissue and spray fluid onto the paper before cleaning the glass, this way of cleaning fluid seepage would be spread more evenly and avoid seepage. Use a soft cloth to polish the glass material after cleaning with cleaning fluid.

Good luck!