How to Get Rid of 30 Inches of Snow

Snow is something that we all have to deal with from time to time, and when it gets really bad, it can be really difficult to try and get it to go away. Say, for instance, that you get several feet of snow at a time. How are you supposed to take care of that? Is there a way for you to get rid of it in a way that is safe and that you’re going to be able to deal with without a lot of hassle or time on your part?

Unfortunately, all of the snow removal methods out there do take some time. You can, obviously, go and shovel the snow yourself. If you’re lucky, you have some sort of vehicle with a plow available that will make it a little easier to move that much snow at a time. A tractor can also do a lot of the hard work for you, which will make it that much easier for you to be able to get the snow out of the way and go on with your life.

Another method that some people use involves using ice melter. Ice melter can be made out of any number of things, and can be used in order to ensure that you’re going to be able to get rid of the chunks that can sometimes happen when there’s a lot of snow. We know that ice becomes the majority of the issue when you’re trying to fight off the large piles of snow that can happen around your home, so if we deal with the ice as quickly as we can, it can make getting rid of the snow a lot easier for us in the long run.

Ash is something else that you can work with in order to get the desired results. Many people don’t realize how much ash and sand can actually help to melt the snow that is outside. By laying some ash down before it snows, or after it has completed, you’re going to be a lot more likely to be able to get rid of the snow. It’ll be softer and much easier for you to move around, which means that it can help you to feel a lot better when it comes time to get rid of all of the snow that seems to be in your way after a huge snowstorm.

Do you need help getting some of your snow out of the way? Do you need to be able to figure out exactly how you can take care of things? Calling in Boulder snow removal can also help you out, especially if you’ve been in a spot where you aren’t exactly able to take care of things on your own. Are you looking to get help for snow removal, give them a call or contact them via email and they will work out a time that is going to work for you.

8 Lawn Care Tips For Greener and Fresh

Green grass home page can provide coolness and beauty. Keeping the green grass in the yard is a must for anyone who wants his house to appear beautiful and fresh. There are several ways that you can use to maintain and care for the green grass in the yard of your house. Indeed, taking care of the grass is not easy, you can use a professional lawn care services such as lawn care in Jacksonville FL, or you can perform self-care as I will review in the next article.

Many of the activities you can do on a bed of green grass in the yard. You can add to the beauty with a variety of ornamental plants, you can also spend time playing and relaxing with family. In addition to giving the effect of fresh, green color can provide an atmosphere of tranquility.

Here are tips on caring for the grass to be more green and refreshing.

Water for Grass

Water is one important element for the health of your lawn. There was a period where the grass does not get enough water that usually occur in the dry season, so it requires more intensive watering in the morning and evening. Excess water condition is also not justified, because it will cause decay in the grass.

Lawn Watering Tools

Use of tools such as grass flush hype and sprayer will be better because the water is given gently and evenly.

Fertilization Grass

Fertilization is one of the things that need to be done at least three months. Use a fertilizer with a ratio between Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium 1: 1: 1. The dose used was 100 g / m2. Mix a bit of fine sand on fertilizers in order to spreading more evenly.

Organic Fertilizer for Grass

The use of organic fertilizers need to be done in order to keep the soil loose and is expected to accelerate the process of absorption of food by plants. Humus is smooth and dry is a good organic fertilizer. Spread organic fertilizer over the soil surface evenly with a dose of 1 kg / m2.

Cleaning Grass

Clean up your ornamental rumpus of weeds that interfere with the beauty and growth. Try to pull out the weeds up by the roots, with the help of a knife gardens.

Grass trimming

Perform trimming the grass in the yard of a minimum of once a week. Especially for the rainy season, usually your grass will grow more quickly, so pruning should be more frequent.

High Grass

Maintain high grass up to 2.5 – 3 cm, so that the grass grows well and looks beautiful. Similarly, if too excessive pruning will cause dryness of the base and the grass looks bald.

Injecting Grass

Often trampled grass, the soil will compact and harden. This will affect the growth of grass. Grass requires air for its growth. Because it is necessary for the injection by making a hole as deep as with a fork plants 5-10 cm with a distance of 10-3 cm and then fill with sand or fine humus. These holes will help the plant to absorb water and fresh air into the soil.

Decorating Tips Ceiling House with Ornament ‘Glow In The Dark’

The ceilings in the house is a part that is often forgotten. People generally only perform finishing with paint plain neutral color that tends to clear. In fact, this ceiling can give the feel and different impression. Examples artistic impression attractive themed glow in the dark.

You must be familiar with decorations glow in the dark that many in the market. Model and variegated forms that can be selected according to taste.

The ceilings are decorated with this theme can change the atmosphere of the evening more enjoyable. House so looks artsy, unique and comfortable. Not only that, using glow in the dark decoration on the ceiling of the house can also be a solution to save electricity. You can turn off the lights at night and get the light of the decoration.

For areas that experience frequent power outages also can use this method, which decorate the ceiling with glow in the dark theme. During the day decoration glow in the dark still looks stunning as it makes ceilings and walls to life.

So, you can try to apply this theme at home when redecorating. No need to worry about the price, because the price is relatively affordable. As well as equipment used for decorating. Like glue firing, push pin and hammer.

The idea of ​​using this one also fits decoration applied ahead of Christmas and New Year. If you are interested to try it, here are some frugal tips for decorating the ceiling.

Saving Tips

Should not stick garnish glow in the dark with double-sided tape. It is effective, but believe it will not last long. Double tape also risk damaging the display wall when there are loose and reassembled. It is strongly advised to wear bullet glue so strong and durable.

The equipment used to create this theme include decorations glow in the dark (select the shape according to taste), glue shoot, push pin and hammer.

The trick preheat firing and give a little glue on the back of the decoration. Then attach the push pin on the last shot glue and glue tightly wait a few minutes. Do this on all the decor will be pasted on the ceiling.

Furthermore, you can create decorations decorate the sky with a glow in the dark. Use a hammer to make a strong glue decorations. Create distance between decorations to make the look more beautiful.

After that try to turn off the lights and see the results. Ceiling so much life and make you more comfortable. Saving, quick and easy to apply. Good luck!

Design Cool Kids Bedroom

For those of you who have a seven year old child, the child is certainly no desire to start having their own bedroom. Being a bit difficult when you have a house with a size that is not too airy. Because a child’s desire of having a spacious bedroom and can be used as room to play anyway. If you have a minimalist home of the child’s room will be minimal anyway. Not a problem when you want to meet the wishes of your child like that.

To make a child’s bedroom minimalist design with a cheerful, there are some things that must be considered as below

Selection Child Room Interior

If your child would like to have a spacious bedroom, the interior must be in the bedroom must be considered. Enough bed with a single right size for your child. then learn tables and chairs and a wardrobe with a small size only.

No need to add another interior for your child’s room. so that when your child is playing not feel cold while sitting on the floor it is necessary to add a rug with a picture of your child’s cartoon idol. Some interior is an interior that is enough to put in a bedroom.

Color Design Kids Rooms

Associated with cheerfulness child in the room minimalist house this one will be on the wall. Choose wall color matches the color of your child’s favorite. it is to make your child comfortable in the room itself well for learn, play, and rest. For boys of green or blue color is a good choice. Whereas for girls it is pink or orange is a good choice in the bedroom minimalist design.

In addition, it should be noted also you should be able to arrange the game in the child’s bedroom you well. As far as possible you also do not need to buy a new toy if the bedroom is not possible to add one more item. Note also the freedom of movement of your child while in the bedroom is roomy enough or not. Because for a minimalist home, especially the bedroom design becomes quite complicated but fun to create a design.

Dirty Office? Top Tips for Keeping it Tidy

If you’re like most business owners, you know that a clean workspace is important to you and your team’s productivity. Nobody can work as efficiently as possible in a space that isn’t organized as much as possible.

However, keeping your office clean isn’t quite as simple as it sounds, especially if you’ve got a few workers, but not enough to hire a cleaning crew. Use these tips to help you keep your space clean so it doesn’t get out of control.

If it does, you could notice a dip in profits, and that’s the worst nightmare of every small business owner.

Designate Eating Areas

One of the biggest problems for small offices in terms of keeping them clean is people eating in the office. You can’t very well ask your employees to eat outside of the office all the time, and if you did, you’d decrease productivity. You can designate places for them to eat food on breaks or during lunch though.

Designating special areas for food helps keep crumbs and trash only in those areas, making your whole space a lot easier to clean. You’ll also cut down on potentially problematic bugs by keeping food in an enclosed space.

Nobody wants ants in a desk candy drawer!

Buy Quality Cleaning Supplies

When you’re shopping for products to use your office, you probably try to buy quality items that are economical. The same should be true for your cleaning supplies.

Buying the cheapest cleaning supplies you can get your hands on might seem smart in terms of saving cash, but you’ll notice a difference over time, especially if you’re cleaning an office with many people in it.

Kitchens take the most punishment, so focus on buying quality products for those areas. Even commercial trash bags you use should be of fair quality to avoid spills and accidents.

Consider Hiring Cleaners

No small business owner really wants to pay for anything that they don’t have to, especially when they’re just trying to get a business off the ground. The fact is though that many small companies just can’t do all of their own cleaning, especially if they have common areas for customers and a kitchen for the staff.

Who is going to clean up that microwave and make sure the entry floor is tidy? You’ve got too much on your plate for that, so hiring a reputable team is your best bet.

The Effect of Location When Building Your Log Home

Planning on building a log home? Regardless of whether it’s for your full time residence or for your seasonal cottage, the location of your log home will make a difference in its construction. Consider the following.


Mountainous environments offer gorgeous views and total privacy, but they also come with some challenges. It can be tough to build upon aggressive slopes for foundations, so it’s important that you and your contractor from Cedar Homes are both on board of any possible issues prior to the project starting.

Window placement is also important if you’re hoping to optimize passive solar gain. Windows facing the south will give more light and warmth compared to those facing the north.

You should also consider capturing the amazing views of mountains when deciding where to place your windows. Roof slope is also an essential component of constructing a custom log home on a mountain side. Think about snow fall and make sure that the slope and materials used for the roof are sufficient.


The lake is the ideal location for a custom log cabin. You should pay close attention to the number of windows that are used on load bearing walls.

Speak with your engineer to make sure that you will be getting the view you want without having to compromise the structural integrity of your home. Lakeside is appealing to both those who love the outdoors, as well as insects, so make sure to invest in screened porches to help minimize the presence of these critters.


The sun poses one of the most difficult factors when constructing a log home in a desert climate. UV rays cause color damage and extreme, quick drying. It is helpful if your contractor takes part in pre-construction log drying to help eliminate any settling and movement that might occur with green logs.

South-side windows, longer roof overhangs, and good stain products can assist in combating damage from powerful UV rays. Covered porches can also create some shade to protect against harmful rays.

Of course, wood species is an important component to consider, no matter what climate you’re building in. In every case, Western Red Cedar makes an excellent choice. No matter where you plan on building your log home, doing some research on wood type is one of the most important considerations to make. Be sure to speak with your log home contractor in regards to wood type for your log home.