Note 3 This Before Investing Apartment

Apartments in addition can be used as a residence, can also be used to invest. The apartment belongs to the type of active property investment, because apartment owners earn every month or every year from the apartment tenant.

Advantages invest the apartment was not affected by the exchange rate against the dollar is increasingly diminished as was the case in other types of investments. This is because living in an apartment has become part of the urban lifestyle especially in big cities such as Jakarta, making the demand for vertical housing still hunted.

Large market opportunity is widely used by investors to invest some of his money into the apartment. However, before deciding to invest in apartments there are several things to consider, given this type of investment to spend not less.

1. Location

The location is still the most important thing when deciding to invest in property, such as apartments. Located in a strategic location, access to the apartment and smoothly when other public areas will add value to the investment of your apartment.

Select a location premium, which is adjacent to the educational institutions and the business center. If your apartment offers various facilities in it, get ready for your occupancy much sought after.

2. Buy On When Pre-sales

When looking to invest in the form of apartments, it is necessary to know also when a good time to buy an apartment. Buy an apartment in pre-sales or pre-sales because the price can be much cheaper than when launching the marketing period, because at this time the apartment is still a concept, you can take this opportunity.

Typically the developer pre-sales of apartments they will build more than one year before the marketing period. When the marketing period arrives, investors will benefit from about 30 percent before the whole building awake.

Potential gain on sale of apartments before the whole building awakened could reach 50 percent, while the apartments are resold within 2-3 years after the entire building a whole will benefit up to 80 percent. Remember! This only applies to the apartment with a strategic location and has easy access.

3. Performance Developers

Do not immediately tempted to buy an apartment in large numbers if the location is right. It is no less important to note is the performance of the developer. Do I see the connection that has been built by the developer, if performance and reputation well, in the future you will easily market your apartment unit smoothly.

Choosing the Best Pool Company

Owning a pool can be a costly expense. You have to care for it and make sure that it is properly maintained so that it can last a long time.

If you don’t have a pool or need to replace a pool that wasn’t cared for, choosing top-rated pool companies will ensure that you get a pool installed correctly and safely. It is a lot of work maintaining a pool, but when it is installed by the right company, it isn’t difficult to care for.

See Past Work

Ask a company to see some of their previous custom pools. Whatever you have in mind, they should be able to complete. If you’re buying a pool, designing it to fit your needs is going to make it more enjoyable and easier to care for, so a qualified pool company should be able to complete the design you request with no issues.

Consider the Maintenance

A qualified pool company is going to be honest with you and explain the maintenance involved with owning a pool. Whether you’ve had one or not, newer pools or a pool that is larger or a different style that what you previously owned may be more work.

Speaking with professionals before having a pool installed will answer any lingering concerns you may have about pool ownership. Be sure to contact a reputable company so that your needs are met successfully.

When is The Right Time Buying a Home?

Have their own home would be a dream of many people. In addition to learning independent of their parents, have their own home as a prestige in the modern era it is today. But you also can not force to buy a house, if the circumstances you are experiencing does not support. Then when the time is right for buying a house?

If the present time and the money you already have enough savings, it would not hurt to buy their own home. But remember how the efficiency of your current state to buy their own home. If that is not currently required right and other conditions were not supportive, you should wait until the right moment.

But if you do not have sufficient funds, you should put it off first while preparing your finances. Notice how much of your salary to pay for a home loan if you want to purchase a house on credit.

If you feel you’ve been able to buy a home with adequate financial support to pay the mortgage and other variety of your needs, then you are able to purchase the home.

Buying a home also can not be arbitrary, because you also have to choose a home that is in a good environment, free from flood and away from areas prone to criminality.

Finally, when buying a house, the price is a top priority. But if you have enough funds to buy a house that is more viable and environmental conditions in accordance with the criteria mentioned above, then feel free to do so.

The house can also be used as an investment for the future, because the house prices will never decline and continues to increase, along with the development of the times.

A Guide to HVAC Filters

Professional guides and the majority of homeowners will attest filter type and proper maintenance techniques truly affect energy efficiency. Not only that, but the right filter can protect an HVAC system from costly repairs. Although all of the owner’s manuals recommend a monthly filter replacement, it’s difficult for many inexperienced homeowners to determine the purpose and the right type for their system.


The purpose of an HVAC filter is to not only protect your unit from dust collecting inside and clogging the system, but also to prevent dust and allergens from entering your home. The inner workings of an HVAC unit are complex and will easily accumulate buildup after time without a proper filter installed.


Dirty filters can actually cause HVAC systems to working harder than necessary, increasing the risk of an overheated unit or other serious damage. The right filter will reduce energy usage as the equipment can run uninterrupted, as it keeps the air free from indoor allergens.


Avoid attempting to cut costs by purchasing the lowest model of filter. Fiberglass filters may be cheap, but the majority of allergens will sneak through the screen. Select high-quality HEPA filters to reduce indoor dust, dander and the like. In doing so you’ll reduce energy costs and protect your health.