Safe house for Baby Active

Babies who are aged six months usually have started actively moving and crawling exploring the house. When exploring the house that they are also curious about the things around baby, and want to play it or put it in his mouth. Does this happen to you?

Many household items that could pose a danger if the baby is touched without the supervision of parents. So, anything that can cause harm and what you can do in an effort to prevent it? Let’s consider the following tips:

Electric socket

Close the outlet in your home by using a special cover. This special cover sold freely on the market. Make sure you close the hole socket after finished using it.

Water faucet

While being bathed baby usually can not be silent and will reach for objects in the vicinity. Water faucet is quite dangerous if opened by a baby, especially if the faucet is opened drain the hot water and water bills would be swell if they open it outside supervision. We recommend using a water faucet that is rotated so that the baby can not be opened easily.


Avoid using the door with an automatic hinge that keeps the door closed itself because it can make the baby wedged. There is also a good idea if upon leaving the baby in the room, the door propped open or allowed to remain securely closed to prevent the baby wedged against the door.

Power cable

Make sure the electrical wiring in your home has been trimmed using the cable binder and placed in inaccessible places your baby.

Sharp angles Furniture

If you have furniture such as desks or cabinets that have sharp corners and the height can be reached by infants, the angle should be given security as the foam so that they do not get hurt while playing or crashing into the corner.


Six-month-old baby has been able to reach the fence bed. The bed should be elevated fence to prevent the baby from climbing out and falling.

Lightweight furniture

Hide soft furnishings such as plastic chairs to a baby who could not be reached to prevent the furniture pull or hit the furniture.


If your home has stairs, make sure the ladder is equipped with a fence that can not be opened by the baby

How to Clean Carpet Stains Home

Carpet floor of the house would always trampled every time the residents move. Therefore, regular carpet cleaning must be obtained. But there are still many people who have problems with hair loss and damage to their carpet after cleaning. When in fact it is not difficult to care for and clean your home carpet.

This time My house will share information about how to clean the carpet right in order to keep your home clean carpets and remain untreated.

Before entering the stage of cleaning and maintenance, you should first select the carpet home with good material. For this type of this one, try to use a carpet made of handmade.

Do you know if the carpet is made of handmade even can last for decades? While the carpet of the machine only last about 7 to 10 years. Choosing a durable carpet is a smart solution to save expenses.

Next we entered the stage of treatment. Currently spilled drinks or food stains on the carpet is an annoying moments, because in addition to difficult to clean, stain it and even sometimes do not go away after you clean it. So how precise and practical way to overcome this?

First, prepare the tools and materials to clean such stains. You can set up a carpet cleaning soap, basin, washcloth and wipes. Soon after the spill drinks or food on your carpet, you should immediately clean it up with a tissue or cloth. This serves to absorb spilled liquids into the tissue or rag you, so it will minimize the absorption of the stain deeper by carpet.

The next step, provide a basin of water and carpet detergent for washing carpets. Dissolve detergent into the water in the basin and wet rag into it. Squeeze the cloth until slightly dry. Washcloth rubbed directly on the spot stains are. Rub the opposite way or the direction of the fur carpet.

Remember to rub it gently so as not quickly fall out fur carpet. Do not use a brush or something rough surface to rub the stain on the carpet. Because the stains may be lost, but instead, your carpet will be broken.

After cleaning your carpet according to the instructions above, immediately your carpet drying in the sun. It is advisable to dry your carpet for 1 hour, and turn your carpet when drying.

5 Design Wall Rack It Makes More Beautiful

Have you ever intend to keep an object but does not have the right place? Why not try using a rack. Shelf serves to put small objects and important, so no need to bother to look for it.

The presence of the shelves are usually required to store objects such as books, keys, spice, glass, and so forth.

If you are getting bored with the appearance of your wall solid color, shelf can also be used to decorate the walls of amazing.

Floating shelves can be a creative solution to make appearance of the walls of your home become more attractive again. Any inspiration?

1. Floating Bookshelf

Floating Bookshelf

Bookshelves this one makes your book collection like floating on the wall. These floating bookshelves are made of steel which is very strong so it can withstand the heavy load of books. You just need to slip the book on the shelves and piled on top of other books.

2. West Elm Wedge Rack

West Elm Wedge

Rack of West Elm has a simple design with a smooth finish. This rack has a steel hook that makes it sturdy stick to the wall. You can keep a notebook or canvas flowers on it.

3. Franklin Rack

Shelves Franklin

Rectangular shelf made of wood may add uniqueness to your walls. You can save the glass, spice, or a small pot in it.

4. Glass Rack

Shelves Glass

Shelf with glass mat can also increase the effect of your walls look interesting. Place the racks of various sizes in order to make it more impressive.

5. Plastic Rack


Wall white so that you do not look monotonous, you can also store shelves are made of plastic this mica. Such shelves have a variety of colors that can be adjusted to your liking.

Take advantage of the Power of the Internet to Sell Your Property

For the real estate agent, the element is no longer optional internet presence with so many interactions that occur online at present. Advantages looking for a property or online clients could no longer be ignored.

To find out how to harness the power of the Internet to reach a wider market, consider the tips below.

1. Images

High-quality photos is very important to create a strong first impression and, finally, to attract more people to attend the open house. Research of residential real estate company Redfin shows that houses are photographed professionally tend to be sold and the nominal greater.

2. Share Property Listing

Use social media to spread the word about the property that you currently have on the market. To direct a lot of traffic to a listing, make your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for businesses, where you can send photos and a link to the property. It is one of the best ways to spread the word about the catalog of available properties.

3. Target Through Social Media

With so many choices for today’s social media, how do you know whether Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn who is right for your business? Instead of spreading yourself to everything, choose one or two of the network where your prospective customers are most likely to be active.

4. Interactions Directly

Compared with other channels, social media offers an opportunity to engage directly with the prospective customer. Rather than simply posting a link to the property listing and promote upcoming open house, try to be more creative with the way you interact with potential clients. For example, a user searching on platforms like Twitter are actively looking for property to buy or rent; reach these users by offering a property that suits their needs.

5. Attach the Property and Other News

Share news about developments in the local real estate market, as well as tips and advice for property seekers, in various social media channels. This is a great way to position yourself as an expert market and gain the trust of your clients.

6. Make “Content Marketing”

Producing your own content is another way to build trust and convince the seeker property that you are a true market expert. Create a blog on the website where you can answer the questions most frequently asked home seekers. You can also produce a weekly bulletin that promotes new properties on the market.

Preparing for the Winter with Professional Services

The eastern part of the country is famous for its stormy winters. This part of the country often takes the brunt of severe cold and storms that brew off the ocean’s coastline. When you want to stay warm this winter in spite of the weather, you may be well advised to make sure your heater will not fail you before spring. You can do so by retaining the help of contractors who are skilled in areas like HVAC in Northern Virginia. These technicians can ensure that your heater is safe and ready for the long winter ahead.

Having a heater that is ready to work during the wintertime is vital to keeping electric bills low. A poorly maintained heater can put out cold air and also cause you to spend way too much money on electricity and gas. Even more, it will leave you and your family chilled during a time of the year when you need to be warm. When you allow a technician to inspect your heating unit, this person can tell you if any repairs need to be made before you switch it on for the season. This inspection will also ensure that the components in the unit are working correctly.

Many people, for example, neglect to change out their filters in the furnace each year. A clogged furnace filter not only causes the heater to not function as it should. It also proves to be a fire hazard. When you allow a technician to inspect your heater, you can be assured that this professional will change out the filter and ensure that the furnace is working properly. You can have the heater on all winter without the worry that the furnace will catch on fire or malfunction.

Another reason to hire one of these professionals involves having a new heater put in before winter starts. If your current heater no longer works or can be repaired, time is of the essence to get a new one installed. The contractors that you can contact online can put in a new heater in a timely manner. They can install it and make sure it runs as it is designed before leaving your home. Contacting one of these technicians is simple when you use the contact information that is provided online. You can also fill out the available form and get a call back.

Under The Sea

When you think about buildings that are constructed, you probably think about those that are on the street or even under the ground. One type of structure that you might not think about is an underwater construction. These sometimes pose a difficulty that isn’t faced during a typical construction. Builders are facing not only the materials and the design, they are also facing the waves of the ocean. These waves can sometimes hinder how the structure is completed if they are strong.

One of the common types of underwater structures is an oil rig. This is also known as an oil platform. They are usually seen off the shore line so that businesses can tap into the oil lines that are built. The oil is carried from the lines to the shore and refined. Natural gas is also extracted from the ocean floor. Sometimes, new gases are discovered as a result of the structures that have been built. There is something amazing about underwater structures. They are easily movable. The maintenance of the structures is something that can be complicated as workers have to dive to the structure in order to repair anything that is broken. This takes careful planning. If something happens while underwater, especially with one of the gas lines, there could be an explosion.

Some of the platforms that are built are fixed and are not able to be moved unless they are taken apart. These are often built on steel legs so that they have the proper support needed while in the water. However, the steel can easily sway with the movement of the water. There are platforms that are semi-submersible. Part of the platform is above the water while the support system is fixed to the seabed. The beams have to be sturdy enough to support the entire system as the top part of the platform can easily weigh more than the lower half. Some of the lesser known structures that are built underwater include homes and hotels. These are often seen in exotic locations as a structure for those who want to see what life might be like underwater.