Bedroom Design For Boys

The bedroom is the place where you spend a lot more time to relax can even be place to spend time just being in the bedroom alone. Is this true for you? It is necessary for the proper design of the bedroom to create a sense of comfort when a day in it. Especially for you boys bedroom is a place that is not only used when you are going to sleep alone but the bedroom is also a place to play music and also learn. The bedrooms were nice and comfortable also affect your development, your bedroom spacious least it is not a problem as long as you are smart design with both the bedroom.

Well, here are 3 bedroom design boys are as follows:

1. Design the first bedroom: bedroom design with shades of white and gives access to contrast with the color orange will make your bedroom look more cool. To create a bedroom that is like this you do not need a large place, but that you need to consider is the length. Try to look at the bottom of the bed, there you can use it to make a place to store large items.

bedroom boy

2. The second bedroom Design: For those of you who have twins choose bed terraced design in order to give more space for activities. Such design will look more compact and at noon will look more spacious. And if you want to put your television simply choose a shelf on the wall and put it in the corner of the wall.

bedroom boy1

3. The third bedroom Design: If your home a bit complicated so that your bedroom is narrowed at one side, you can add wallpaper as a helicopter to make the room look cool. You can also use other wallpaper that every time I wake up so much excited.

bedroom boy3

Similarly, my brief discussion titled 3 bedroom design boys may be useful to help you create a beautiful bedroom. Good luck and thank you.

Tips to Designing Your Own Home With Limited Budget

Designer Kurt Cyr had to design their own dream home. Contributors Houzz it wanted to make a simple home use prefab structures, such as small warehouses.

According to him, how to build such a house is more economical, sustainable, and allows flexibility in the design of the interior than conventional homes. To be sure, the fund does not swell.

Here are some ways Cyr designing and filling the house within a limited budget. You certainly can follow how to organize and keep spending under control.

First of all, Cyr want to design a house with a very simple form. Imagine an ordinary house silhouette drawn children. That is the shape of the house belonging to Cyr.

“Using prefab steel buildings and covered him with a strong corrugated steel synonymous with maintenance-free, save others,” he said.

Second, the designer intends to get rid of the desire ordered kitchen-sets that fit in the kitchen. Knock-down kitchen cabinets are beautiful, inexpensive, and can be set themselves much more interesting for him. Companies large furniture dealer is now available in Indonesia. You can visit and hunt kitchen furniture according to the needs and budget in your pocket!

However, if you are in dire need of island or table to prepare a meal in the middle of the kitchen, try to find a table that can be shifted. Such a table will allow you to mop the floor and keep the quality of the floor.

Third, be careful also in buying kitchen equipment. Buying with reckless, or simply fall in love with the look kitchen purposes without ensuring features, durability, material, and price can make your pockets empty because of spending millions of dollars wasted. The same also applies to the sink or sink, faucet, and storage shelves in the kitchen.

Fourth, look for loopholes to use the old stuff that is still in good condition. Cyr provide inspiration in the form of old lockers that can be reused as a storage closet.

Cyr emphasize that you do not need to use the built-in cabinets. Storage areas such as vintage lockers are much more affordable and practical.

He also showed inspiration bathroom door using wood used. Sliding door system of this kind could be a way out has a unique dwelling at a price of “tilt”.

There is no harm in also use the sink (sink) are still in the former special conditions. Moreover, antique sink will add to the beauty of the bathroom, kitchen, or other parts of your home.

Fifth, use shelves Removable for a variety of purposes in various rooms. Starting from the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom up to take advantage of this solution. Shelf and cupboard system Removable an appropriate solution can be adjusted because according to your needs. When needs grow, you just need to move or set it back.

Home Maintenance Tips Minimalist Two Floors

As it grows a variety of home designs today more and more with the model and the concept very interesting. The reason the house is no longer a refuge but as an expression of self-expression, so that the various forms and types of housing is growing.

Examples home with minimalist concept that today is much loved by the people. For those of you who intend to build a minimalist house with 2 floors following tips minimalist home design selection 2 floors:

Note the area of ​​land that will have you up and the amount of room as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, family room, living room and garage vehicles if needed.

Determine the amount of space and the availability of land. Choose the design house you want. If you are confused or difficulty, you can find references on the internet.

Perform placement division living room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom on the first floor. For the floor you can make some room, 1 bathroom, lounge, chapel, or space for sports.

To design minimalist house 2 floor you do not necessarily need a lot of outdoor decorations and color overload. Use soft colors and simple, such as gray, black or pastel. Unnecessary minimalist home decoration concept or excessive because the house will be more elegant and modern look.

How to Select a Qualified Property Agent

Estimate a higher price in selling the property is an old trick used by real estate agents. This is done so that people who want to sell the property to be impressed by the large numbers, and then choose the agent compared to other competitors. However, excessive property prices will make this property was on the market for months, while homeowners are losing money.real estate

Practice known as selling a listing is just one of the tricks used by real estate agents who want to attract the attention of clients. Smart home seekers will be able to know how to look at this marketing trick and see the brokers who actually intend to sell their property.

1. Prepare Interview

Do not treat the first meeting with a real estate agent as a casual conversation. Treat the meeting as you do a job interview, with the agent as a seeker of his position while you are holding the final decision. Have a specific question that could seek out the experience and history of their sales, as well as how they operate. Talk to at least three people before you make the final decision.

2. Find Out Profile

Nowadays, online profile someone can give you lots of information about how these people work. From websites and social media accounts to them, including Facebook and Twitter, you can get an idea of ​​how they work. Do a quick search for news about them as well as the agency’s office. Most importantly, see how they market online and how effective their way in finding potential buyers.

3. View Reputation

When looking for a real estate agent who can be trusted, the first thing to note is their reputation, licenses and other awards that have been owned by the agency office. Some well-known agent offices usually have a company website where they load the address of the official offices and agents excel. It can make reference in choosing a reliable agent.

4. Ask for references

Both buyers and sellers should ask the agent a written reference from previous clients, including their contact. With it, you can contact their old clients and ask important things about the agent such as: if the agent is working well? Is the market the way they use effectively? How long the property is located in the market? And most importantly, will they use the same agent if there are further opportunities?

5. Select the Have Expertise in Local Market

Looking for an agent who has a lot of knowledge is key because each region has its own challenges regarding the real estate sector. The ideal property agent should have a proven track record for selling property in the local area. They must be familiar with the factors existing facilities at that location, environmental conditions and even government policies in the area will greatly affect the sale of the property. They were able to provide knowledge about the local market better even than the inhabitants, and because it was they always have the advantage that can help you sell your property.

6. Avoid Asking Questions Selling Price

Although many people will focus on the estimated selling price, there are other factors more important. The ability of agents to negotiate, is the key to getting the best possible deal, no matter the price initially. In the end you have to find an agent who you can rely on and trust to think about what is best for you in this sale process.

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10 Ways to Renovate the Modern Family Room Victorian

Want to have an elegant Victorian house, classy, ​​but also comfortable? You can do so by following this way without losing your home a modern twist. Make Victorian houses not have a way to dramatize all the furniture; contemporary furniture options can also embodies elegant Victorian house. Want to know what tips and tricks? Here we leaked from Houzz.

victorian houses 2

Contemporary lighting

You do not need to have a vintage-style chandeliers to form a Victorian style house. Lighting is the main thing in Victorian design. In the figure, a contemporary-style wicker lamps can play a shadow on a high ceiling painted white, combined with walls painted teal, all give the impression of chandelier lighting in your home.

Colors and patterns of modern

Victorian style is rich in layers of pattern, so you also must do it, of course, with a modern twist. In the picture, you can see the floor space is covered with tapestry charts, retro print sofa and wooden coffee table, all seems perfect with a fireplace.

Wood stoves

This is the most popular way in presenting Victorian room in your home. Although the fireplace must be sacrificed to put a wood stove, the presence of this one item offers many benefits. In addition, the wood stove is also easy to maintain, offering warmth, and a touch of contemporary indoor Victoria.

Streamline window

Do not use thick and heavy curtains for the room Victoria. Instead, select the windows were clean and tidy with a shutter. This smart windows are beautiful also functional. Window like this create an atmosphere of light, airy, and you do not need to add colored curtains on this window.

Maximize white

Besides filled with vintage furniture, Victorian-style rooms filled with a white background. Starting from the wall to the floor, everything is colored white to give the impression of modernity and breadth. This simple trick can be set with the game textures and shadows.

Use accent colors

Although the all-white Victorian room, do not be afraid to use color accents, jewel-like flash in the jewelry in the room Victoria. Yellow and fuchsia are the right choice, and color can also be applied to the chandeliers, wallpaper, and lampshade. It gives freshness to vintage furniture.

Create contrast

Do not get stuck on the arrangement of the furniture and classic and antique, create also a contrast in the room Victorian by presenting some decorative casual furniture, such as sofas and carpets fur lazy. Large window panels can also be considered to beautify the room.

Add modern artwork

Enrich your home a touch of Victorian art by presenting some works of modern art, such as painting, which is juxtaposed with objects classic Victorian style. Contrast this kind will be given its own color to the room.

Storage walls

As is commonly seen in ancient houses, there are many objects in piles, especially books. Therefore, you can create by creating a functional storage wall, one for storing books. Instead of using a heavy bookcase medieval, in this way will give your room a neat impression.

High ceilings

The latter is a high ceiling. One of the great benefits of imposing Victorian residence is the ceiling, which can be very high. The proportion offers the perfect opportunity to build on the attic level architecture solutions if you need to make more room in the room.