Tips Minimalist Small House 2 Floor, Costly Solution House For Sale

With the increasingly high land prices in major cities, Price House for sale now very expensive. Many people now choose land to build his house in a small or narrow, to minimize the cost of construction of houses. Then the house will be built later will have a size small or tiny. But no matter, it could be overcome by building a house 2 floors to maximize the amount of space later.

The house is small does not mean narrow, it depends on how you design and arrange the room later. With a minimalist design small house 2 floors, you can have a dream house comfortable to live with family. Precisely at this time very fond of urban communities with a minimalist home design. With the arrangement of the exterior and interior of the house proper, the house will look more spacious and comfortable.

home 2 floor

Plan 2 Minimalist Small House Floor

Before you plan to build home, adjust the advance of budget you have. Then design each room you will wake up later, ranging from layout to the size of the room. Because you build the house are on the narrow land, therefore you wake up every room should be well designed.

Interior Design For Small Houses Minimalist 2 Floor

Ceramic narrow room to arrange the interior of the house as possible. Use furniture or furniture that is multi-functional. Avoid dividing bulkhead between one room and another room. Do not fill the walls of the house with many ornaments, just use one or two paintings and photographs with a medium-size family. To give the impression of relief the next, you can also put a big mirror in some parts of the house.

For the wall color should you choose white color. Because white is the color of light so that the house does not look crowded. Should be made rather high ceiling, a minimum of 3M from the floor. Because this will give the impression that the field. To coat the ceiling, you can simply use the same white color as the color of the walls. Use ceramic floor with a large size, minimal use of ceramics size 60 × 60. When you use the size of the tile under it, will make the floor look small or narrow.

You can create a family room as well as a living room. Designed so that memorable relaxed, comfortable and formal in receiving guests who visit. The dining room should be united only in the kitchen of the house, it can save space and simplify serves to be in a family meal together.

Minimalist Small House 2 Floor

Although petite or small your home, it does not mean cramped and uncomfortable in habitation. By planning plan, setting the exterior and interior as well as the use of home accessories that are not excessive. Small house you will be a beautiful and comfortable home to be occupied with other family members. Tip 2 story playhouse is a picture and input for you to create your dream home and family. May be useful, Have a nice day

The Present Interior Design Trend

Interior Design today has grown so rapidly through the boundaries of the state and age. Interior Design is no longer considered a monumental work of an architect but has changed into a commodity needed by everyone and serve as a status symbol.


The interior is the inside of a building as a result of an architect or interior designer. In the growth of interior design has developed rapidly and successfully penetrate the boundaries of the state and age. By utilizing the results of technological invention, the level of social and economic life to the political influence has managed to transform the interior into a commodity functions needed by the consumer so that its development is determined by demand and trends prevailing in the market. Anytime, anywhere can be created atmosphere Japan, medieval ambience, atmosphere Modern Traditional, Classic, Antique and so on, depending on what the customer wants or depending on the foresight of the designers in creating a trend that will displayed or being in.

We can not stop these changes to impose his own will, for example, the interior must use batik or carving so-called people of Indonesia. We are aware that any changes will be followed by a tendency to find a balance, thus was born the new forms and this is true in all aspects of human life with its culture. Actions or human behavior will change the environment and vice versa environment also influences the nature and pattern of human life. Such circumstances will occur repeatedly and each time will change the values that have been established. It is difficult to determine the limits of time and changes in the levels of certainty, because the phenomena that take place through a shift in the period.