Ways And Tips On Choosing The Right Housing

The house is a primary requirement. Therefore, choosing a residential home is an important decision. In searching for and buying a home is not an easy process. In addition to financial concerns, including emotional factors also affected. The process of choosing the housing can be effective if there is a criterion in selecting the appropriate housing. What are the criteria? The following are the criteria in choosing the appropriate housing:

buying home

1. Complete Supporting Facilities

Speaking home not only speak a place for living with family, but also how you can live comfortably in a residential neighborhood. Therefore, support facilities in the housing becomes very important. Support facilities must exist in housing that public facilities such as hospitals, places of worship, schools, markets, and parks. Due to the existence of such facilities can help us in the activity. But now there is also housing the concept of independent town, which offers the wider scope. Such as the universities, offices and malls, and so forth.

2. Transportation Easy

Transportation is included important thing, especially for residents of large cities such as capital city of Jakarta. Property prices are fairly expensive at strategic locations in the city center shows the importance of access to transport. Good transport can provide comfort as well as easily accessible to all residents of the housing. Then good transport characteristics in other housing is having a diverse choice of transport modes, ranging from city buses or busway, transportation (public transportation), to train. With the many alternative modes of transportation, to provide alternative housing for the residents.

3. Developer A Good Reputation

Before you buy a house in a residential, it’s good you have to find out first the reputation of the developer or the developer. Do not just because the price is cheap, then you quickly make a decision to buy a home. A housing development reflected the reputation and commitment from the developer or the developer. Developer or developers who either will produce good housing as well. Therefore, the selection of buying a house from a developer who has a good reputation is very important.

4. There is a mortgage Support From Bank

Approximately 70% of the home buying process in Indonesia still avail credit facilities from banks .. Bank has an important role in helping to purchase a home for the community. The bank will usually provide mortgage facilities only to the developer or developers who already have agreements with banks. So first make sure that you choose whether residential mortgage facilities, so you can buy a home with the help of credit facilities from banks.

That was the way and tips on choosing the right housing that I can share. Hope it can help you in buying your dream home and family in the housing. Thank you, please visit on another day.

Chairs and Style in Living Room

Many choices of seats to fill the family room offered or already known by the public. Which need to be considered in selecting the convenience factor is in use, because the seat design for this space is different from the design of the chair to another room, for example, the angle of the seat needs to be adapted to the anatomy of the body as you relax.


Approximately what kind of seats that can be selected for a family room with a certain style?

Mary Gilliatt in his book entitled “New Guide to Decorating” describes what the style or styles. According to him, the style is something that can not be seen and not keep its shape can be captured through the eye sense of color, scale and proportion. Besides, the connotation of the word “style” version is based on a different background.

Among style based national styles, including English Style, American Country, French Style, Italian Style and Japanese Style. While the style is divided into periods including the Renaissance, Restoration, Louis XIV, XV, XVI in France. William and Mary, Queen Anne, Georgian and Victorian in the UK and others.

There is also a style that is based on the shape of the furnishings and decorations, such as the Baroque, with characteristic intricate wood carvings. The Rococo, with characteristic arches. The Neoclassic, characterized by a simple classical form. And style Nouveau and Bauhaus.

While the style is influenced by changes in time or “phrase” is popularly called Art Deco, International Style, Eclectic, Hi-Tech and Minimalism.

STYLE ROOM CHAIRS for eclectic

Reforming the eclectic style more freely in the election of the chair and other furniture, because the styling is a variation or a blend of various different types of furniture in the form of design and manufacture. This style requires a proper sense of art in a variety of furniture harmonize the forms and materials of different material. Diversity of shapes and colors gives a dynamic impression. Like for example a mix of output chair of the 20th century combined with classic Scandinavian chair or chair of the 18th century. For decorative ornaments can be selected supporting expressionist paintings of the 19th century and Oriental rugs. Can also with cushioned rattan sofa chair woven fabric of one of the areas in Indonesia combined with innovative chair contemporary designer and antique ancient wardrobe.


Chairs Van Der Rohe’s work Mise, Le Corbusier, Bauhaus are chairs that represent the modern style. Shape design modern chairs simpler according to function. Wearing a material substance that is usually of metal and leather. While commonly used colors are black, white and colors Nudity like red, blue and others.

The impression that is displayed by the furniture of the rigid metal material and tend to be cold. By adding elements that can create the impression warm and soft as carpet, plants, paintings and other decorative ornaments, stiff and cold atmosphere can be neutralized.