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10 Ways to Renovate the Modern Family Room Victorian

Want to have an elegant Victorian house, classy, ​​but also comfortable? You can do so by following this way without losing your home a modern twist. Make Victorian houses not have a way to dramatize all the furniture; contemporary furniture options can also embodies elegant Victorian house. Want to know what tips and tricks? Here we leaked from Houzz.

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Contemporary lighting

You do not need to have a vintage-style chandeliers to form a Victorian style house. Lighting is the main thing in Victorian design. In the figure, a contemporary-style wicker lamps can play a shadow on a high ceiling painted white, combined with walls painted teal, all give the impression of chandelier lighting in your home.

Colors and patterns of modern

Victorian style is rich in layers of pattern, so you also must do it, of course, with a modern twist. In the picture, you can see the floor space is covered with tapestry charts, retro print sofa and wooden coffee table, all seems perfect with a fireplace.

Wood stoves

This is the most popular way in presenting Victorian room in your home. Although the fireplace must be sacrificed to put a wood stove, the presence of this one item offers many benefits. In addition, the wood stove is also easy to maintain, offering warmth, and a touch of contemporary indoor Victoria.

Streamline window

Do not use thick and heavy curtains for the room Victoria. Instead, select the windows were clean and tidy with a shutter. This smart windows are beautiful also functional. Window like this create an atmosphere of light, airy, and you do not need to add colored curtains on this window.

Maximize white

Besides filled with vintage furniture, Victorian-style rooms filled with a white background. Starting from the wall to the floor, everything is colored white to give the impression of modernity and breadth. This simple trick can be set with the game textures and shadows.

Use accent colors

Although the all-white Victorian room, do not be afraid to use color accents, jewel-like flash in the jewelry in the room Victoria. Yellow and fuchsia are the right choice, and color can also be applied to the chandeliers, wallpaper, and lampshade. It gives freshness to vintage furniture.

Create contrast

Do not get stuck on the arrangement of the furniture and classic and antique, create also a contrast in the room Victorian by presenting some decorative casual furniture, such as sofas and carpets fur lazy. Large window panels can also be considered to beautify the room.

Add modern artwork

Enrich your home a touch of Victorian art by presenting some works of modern art, such as painting, which is juxtaposed with objects classic Victorian style. Contrast this kind will be given its own color to the room.

Storage walls

As is commonly seen in ancient houses, there are many objects in piles, especially books. Therefore, you can create by creating a functional storage wall, one for storing books. Instead of using a heavy bookcase medieval, in this way will give your room a neat impression.

High ceilings

The latter is a high ceiling. One of the great benefits of imposing Victorian residence is the ceiling, which can be very high. The proportion offers the perfect opportunity to build on the attic level architecture solutions if you need to make more room in the room.