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10 contacts must be owned Property agents

As real estate agents, there are so many skills that you must have. Not quite up there, a good image is also needed to support the ease of working.

Develop and maintain the quality of any self-critical to your success as a real estate broker. And even more important is how you are able to maintain good relationships with clients / buyers, and as an aid first when they have problems.

Recorded ten contacts or business cards in their wallets should always be a real estate agent. What are the ten contacts that?

1. Marketing bank

A real estate agent starters, try to visit a number of banks that offer mortgage products. Ask for the marketing name card, and begin to establish a good relationship with him.

As an agent, you would be confronted by consumers who want to purchase property on credit. Because not everyone can buy it in hard cash, right?

Thanks to your good relationship with the marketing of some banks, you can freely steer and assist prospective customers in applying for a loan.

2. Property Inspector

Buying property is not as easy as imagined. There are several aspects to be considered one of them thoroughness. Including checking the whole space and the condition of the property so as not to regret later on.

When offered a home or apartment to prospective customers, chances are they have not fully believe what you say.

Therefore, the contact has a property inspector is needed. Call it when potential customers want to survey the property and allow the inspector to explain the details of the property’s condition clearly.

3. Plumber

When the house is rented by the client you are having problems ‘toilet blocked’, this is where your role as a professional real estate agent is needed.

But this will not seem burdensome, if you have a number of experienced plumber.

4. Builder

Less than a few hours away prospective customers will come to survey the house. But apparently, you realize that the door of the bathroom or the kitchen cabinet suffered little damage.

Quiet! If you have a card expert builder, immediately contact and problems will be finished on time.

5. Institutions dealer ART

Being the first to look for when your clients need help is the result of good work for the agent. No matter whatever the type of help that is needed.

Including one when a client requires the services of ART. This seemingly simple things, can be very meaningful for them.

Therefore, as a precaution, keep channeling institutions ART reliable contacts in your wallet. Who knows, one day you will so desperately need.

6. A business associate

Look for business partners who can understand your profession, and be able to guide you in recognizing property sales strategies.

7. Contractor / architect

If you want potential customers renovations on the property you want to buy, contact the architect / contractor mainstay who you know.

8. Gardener

So that the value of properties for sale increased slightly, to beautify the park is one step that can be done. Suggest this way to the client or the seller of the property.

As a good negotiator, you do not just give advice, but can introduce expert gardener directly to your clients. Make sure the phone number in your wallet or your cell phone.

9. Contractor

Speaking a major renovation, is usually closely related to the required services contractors. And have contact contractor who has a good reputation, will be a plus in the eyes of your clients.

10. The flower seller

Who would have thought, contact the florist can be so you need to learn a business associate or client birthday middle.